10 Best Fish Fillet Knife in 2021 [Reviews +Buying Guide]

Perhaps the leading topic everyone wants to know when choosing the best fish fillet knife is that the exact knife needs a lot sturdier than your other knives.

The reason for sturdiness and constant blade sharpness is making materials of a fillet knife. Most of the best fish fillet knife is constructed with high-quality carbon stainless steel.

High consistent blade sharpness, extraordinary length, and larger shape make these knives noticeable than other knives.

The most excellent way to change a fresh fish into an enjoyable meal is by the help of a reliable and sharp fillet knife.

If you use the wrong type of knife for cutting fish or meat, then may it will turn into a nightmare for you.

Therefore, a good chafe or one who love to cook a lot more variations in there food they should have the right knife for cutting different ingredients. These best fish fillet knife reviews will be lead through the industry in 2022 too!


Let’s start!






  • 7"

  • High Carbon German Steel

  • Flexible

  • Stain Resistance

  • 6"

  • High Carbon German Stainless Steel

  • Flexible

  • Heat, Cold and Moisture Resistance

  • 6"

  • High Carbon Japanese Super Steel

  • Stiff

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • 7"

  • High-Carbon German Stainless Steel

  • Flexible

  • Corrosion and Dulling Resistance

  • 6"

  • High Carbon German steel

  • Flexible

  • Water and Stain Resistance

  • 7"

  • No-Stain High Carbon Steel

  • Sturdy and Flexible

  • Stain Resistance

  • 12"

  • Full Tang Stainless SteelList Item 

  • Flexible

  • Rust Resistance

  • 7"

  • High Carbon Stainless Steel

  • Straight and Flexible

  • Corrosion and Slip Resistance

  • 7"

  • German Stainless Steel

  • Ultra-Flexible

  • Stain and Corrosion

  • 8"

  • High Carbon Stainless Steel

  • Flexible

  • Stain and Corrosion Resistance


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Table of Contents

6 Best Meat Slicer For Perfectly in 2021 [Recommended+Safe]

DALSTRONG Gladiator Fillet Knife



Recently I have had use experience of this DALSTRONG 7 inch fish fillet Knife. Therefore, it may easy to describe how this knife at the kitchen is. Before going to detail about this knife, we want to tell you about DALSTRONG  GLADIATOR fillet knife.

A home chef and professional chef both are well known about DALSTRONG. More than seventy-five thousand chefs use this DALSTRONG boning knife as a family member because of its unbeatable performance, material quality, and humble support from DALSTRONG. This is the market-leading best fish fillet knife brand.


Key features of DALSTRONG  Gladiator Fillet Knife


  • Constructed by high carbon German Steel, one of the best steel for a fillet knife
  • Featured with Triple Rivet for extra durability
  • Resistant to stain
  • Sturdy laminated Pakkawood handle
  • Hand polish spin
  • Sheath included with the knife
  • Sharpened by hand 160-180 on each side
  • Stunning hand polished satin finish blade
  • 56+ Rockwell hardness feature


This fish fillet knife makes all cutting related to fish or poultry easier, professional, and satisfying. Ultra maneuverable and super flexible 7 inches long and 1.5mm thick from spine make your cooking experience trouble-free and joyful.

You will love its stunning black Pakkawood handle that archive award for its overall outstanding design.

The customer support from DALSTRONG is more than satisfying. They make sure the product quality, and if there any defect, then they provide a 100% money-back warranty.



What We Like

Stunning hand polished satin finish blade high for fish filleting

Fantastic filet knife, high sharpness and liked it so well.


What We don’t like

×Some customer said that they spent money on extra sharpening tool.

×The hard construction steel not easy to use


Flexible BONING Knife


At this point of this best fish fillet knife review now we will describe the high customer reviewed knife, the Boning knife by a skylight.

This Boning knife is one of the top-rated fillet knives with 4.9 stars out of 5 stars, and about 151 customers gave their positive review about this high-quality knife.

If you are looking for a professional fillet knife, then this filleting knife is a perfect one with a surprisingly reasonable price.


Key features of Flexible BONING knife



  • This model is a multipurpose knife
  • Narrow and precisely curved blade
  • 17°angle sharpness per side
  • Resistance to heat, cold and moisture
  • German High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Features with 58+ Rockwell Hardness
  • Heat, cold and moisture resistant military-grade polymer handle
  • Lifetime warranty and 100% money back guaranty
  • Hand polished design


Every professional chef and home cook desires a comfortable and precise cutting fillet knife. This ergonomic hand-polished premium German HC stainless steel Boning knife will meet the consistent desire performance.

Excellent wear and stain resistant sharp edge require low maintenance and provide high performance. Adding extra hardness durability, this knife is featured with nitrogen cooled.

Unbelievable sharp edge with 15°angle per side is for ultimate performance control all kitchen jobs.

FDA certifies this best fillet knife. You will use this knife without any doubt because skylight offers a lifetime warranty with 100% money back guaranty.


What We Like

These knives are very sharp and can use for multipurpose cutting

This knife has FDA certification and lifetime product warranty


What We don’t like

×Most of the reviewers complained that the sharpness disappears after some use



DALSTRONG Gladiator Series 




In this best fish fillet knife review, we have already described two different model knives from DALSTRONG. DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Fillet & Boning Knife another excellent product by DALSTRONG.

As we told before, DALSTRONG is one of the leading brands of the knife industry. Their all different products provide the best performance at your home or professional level kitchen tasks.

It is remarkable that this gladiator series DALSTRONG boning knife not only good for filleting but also well enough for boning meats.

Key features of DALSTRONG Gladiator Series Fillet & Boning Knife

  • 6-inch boning knife constructed with German HC steel
  • Hand polished razor-sharp curved blade edge
  • 14-16 degrees polished blade per side
  • For smooth working around the bone, it features with rock hollow divots
  • Stunning black pakkawood handle with triple-riveted provide great comfort
  • 55 Rockwell hardness
  • Lifetime warranty for any defect
  • Award-winning design with high-quality materials
  • Excellent edge retention with a user-friendly design



This gladiator series 6-inch fillet and boning knife exceptionally design for both fish filleting and deboned poultry.

The knife features with super sharp 2.0mm thin blade that is expert at sliding easily and also cut the bone and smoothly under the skin of all meats.

The constructions with German steel make sure the perfect balance of sharpness and durability of this knife. 14-16 degrees hand-polished knife-edge provide precise and professional cutting for your kitchen task.


What We Like

Award-winning and effective design attracts you much

With a reasonable price, you will get the best quality knife


What We don’t like

×The length is not ideal for large size fish filleting


Zwilling J.A. Henckels Fillet Knife Review




In this best fish fillet knife review list, the next stunning product is Zwilling J.A. Fillet Knife.

This model is a carbon steel fillet knife with 7 inches long 57 Rockwell hardness.

eatures with bubba blade 7 inches tapered flex fillet knife provide you professional performance and comfortable feeling. Accuracy comes from a single piece of steel, and the SIGMAFORGE knives have a remarkably strong, stable, and sharp, flexible blade.

From a long period professionals of the culinary world have faith in this seven fillet knife.


Key features of Zwilling J.A. Fillet Knife


  • Constructed with special no-stain high carbon steel
  • German-made a knife with a single piece of solid steel
  • Elements with ice like hard FRIODUR blade
  • For seamless accuracy, it has Ergonomic polypropylene handle
  • 57 Rockwell hardness feature
  • Features with 150 sharpness on each side
  • High resistance to corrosion


This series of the knife is one of the most popular knives among the professional and home cook. With its unique curve design, this knife looks different from others. ZWILLING J.A. Henckels don’t compromise with their product quality.

It features like SIGMAFORGE knife single piece of solid steel.

Super precise sharp blade and non-slip attached handle make this knife long-lasting. With a 15-degree edge angle, this knife is unbeatable in cutting fish fillets.


What We Like

This model is an excellent knife for both filleting and boning meat.

It features with ice like hard FRIODUR blade that provides a more precise cut


What We don’t like

×Not suitable as described in the main feature

×The steel quality is a little bit poor

Bubba Fillet Knife Review



Bubba Flex Curved Fillet Knife is popular with its long blade length. Among different popular brands for the knife, it is one of them for its high-quality, sharp blade and durable construction materials.

There are various models like bubba blade 7 inches tapered flex fillet knife, bubba blade 9 inches tapered flex fillet knife produce by Bubba.

But in this review article, we will describe the best features of Bubba Flex Curved Fillet Knife with 12-inch blade length.

This best fish fillet knife…not only preferable

for the professional chef but also hunters do prefer this knife.


Key Features of Bubba Fillet Knife

  • Full dimension 18 inches long and blade length 12 inch
  • Features with a non-slip grip handle
  • Features with safety guard from blade and fish spin
  • Remove meat with minimum loss it has super thin 8Cr13MoV edge
  • The unique blade is coated with Ti-Nitride and resistant to rust
  • Full tang construction with high carbon stainless steel
  • This Bubba Fillet Knife mostly suitable for both salt and freshwater fish
  • This knife comes with costume synthetic sheath for covering it during traveling or when it is not in use
  • Rockwell hardness about 56-58

Work with a long sharp, sturdy knife beside other ordinary knife is more exciting than any time. The total length of this knife is 18 inch, but it is 12-inch long blade and 6 inches long handle. For more flexibility and precise cutting in your kitchen, you should try this knife.


What We Like

You will enjoy smooth filleting with its long sharp blade

Most of the customer happy for its reasonable price range


What We don’t like

×Too much long for beginner level cook


Victorinox Fibrox Fillet Knife


Knives do play a vital role in our kitchens. Everyone wants to have the best fillet knife that may make our work a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

When it comes to cutting fish with precise cut, then there is no alternate of the best fillet knife. Victorinox fillet knife set adds a new dimension to your kitchen with its specific cutting skill.

Victorinox knives are multipurpose 7-inch fillet knife mostly use for filleting, slicing, chopping and other cutting activities.

NSF approves Victorinox boning knife polypropylene handle.

This knife also comes with a unique Victorinox fillet knife sheath for providing high protection.


Key features of Victorinox Fibrox Fillet Knife


  • Re-sharpened high carbon stainless steel blade
  • NSF approved ergonomic polypropylene handle
  • Straight and sharp flexible blade for precise cutting
  • Features with hand-finished from Switzerland.
  • Naturally sanitary steel use for this knife construction




This 7-inch long fillet knife comes with slide curving at the top of its edge make this knife more preferable for fish filleting. The NSF approved ergonomic polypropylene handle easy to use and comfortable for anyone.

For its re-sharpened feature, it does not lose its super sharpness for a long term use. Comparing with other fillet knives, this professional look knife is reasonable in price.

If you have a low budget for your new fillet knife, then this fillet knife will be your best choice.


What We Like

You can use this knife for a long time because of its re-sharpened feature

Most of the customers like it for its lighter in weight and ease of use


What We don’t like

×This knife not suitable for big and hard spines fish


KitchenAid Chef Knife






Another professional series best fish fillet knife is KitchenAid KKFTR7FLWM Filet Knife. One of a great style and dependable knife constructed with high carbon German stainless steel.

This knife comes with a designer magnetic closet box. This model is a multipurpose knife having chopping, peeling, slicing, and filleting feature for you.


Key Feature of KitchenAid Chef Knifebest fish fillet knife

  • Constructed with German stainless steel
  • Features with IceTemp harder blade
  • Handle includes triple jewel steel rivets
  • The producer offers lifetime limited warranty
  • Delivered with designer magnetic closure box
  • Resistant to stain and corrosion



Ebony black attractive design of this KitchenAid fillet knife makes you happy with its precise performance. The High grade German 1.4116 Stainless Steel is used for this super quality knife. Its special Icetemp hard blade provides excellent sharpness and stays sharp for a long time.

The ice-tempered feature also secures the edge from cracking or braking at any situation. The sturdy grip of this knife is constructed with non-porous fiberglass materials. These materials make this knife a durable and good performer for a long time.

For ultimate seamless fitting of the blade with a handle, this knife features with triple jewel steel rivets.


What We Like

Very well balanced with its sharpness and overall weight

Easy to use and washable with hand


What We don’t like

×Not a perfect fillet or steak knife



Sabatier 5091705 Filet Knife Review




In our 10 best fish fillet knife list, Sabatier 5091705 Fillet Knife is the last product that we describe its main features for you.

This model is a reasonable price knife with high-quality features. Specifically, this is an ideal knife for filleting or slicing a different kind of fish with its precise cutting feature.

If you prefer and find a medium-sized fillet knife, then this 8-inch olive wood-handled knife one of the best options for you.


Key Features of Sabatier 5091705 Filet Knife

  • 8 inch long high-carbon stainless steel blade knife
  • Classic shiny olive wood handle
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Made in France
  • Handle feature with triple rivets
  • The producer offers lifetime-limited product warranty for any defect





This model is not a very popular product; recently, it comes to the limelight with some positive customer reviews. Therefore, there is a good possibility of this product in the culinary world people. This knife is a very simple classic but elegant looking fillet knife.

This knife features with best quality material like high carbon stainless steel blade with optimum sharpness. Some primary instruction should follow for this knife, that is using warm water to wash the knife after immediate use and fully dry as soon as possible.


What We Like

You will love the classic olive sleek handle, comfortable to hold the knife

Ideal for all-purpose its size, weight, and sharpness.


What We don’t like

×The maintenance activities of this knife are hard to do.


DALSTRONG Shogun Series 



If you are looking for a professional best fish fillet knife, then there is very less alteration of DALSTRONG. DALSTRONG is one of the most leading brands for the culinary world.

Shogun Series Fillet Knife of DALSTRONG shogun fillet knife design like a masterpiece for any filleting, skinning, trimming, scaling, and butterflying all your favored fish and poultry.

Like other DALSTRONG knife, this model is also the best fillet knife for saltwater fish. This attractive shogun series knife is featuring with Tsunami Rose blade pattern.

This feature makes this fillet knife remarkable and outstanding beauty.

Key features of DALSTRONG Shogun Fillet Knife

  • Constructed by high carbon Japanese super steel 
  • Featured with 67 layers of steel design
  • Featured with liquid nitrogen cooled blade
  • Resistant to Rust/Corrosion 
  • Sturdy Military grade G10 handle with non-slip grip
  • Including tapered blade for more precise cutting
  • Sheath included with the knife
  • Scalpel like sharpness 8-12° on each side
  • Design with ancient 3-step Honbazuke method
  • 62+ Rockwell hardness feature


With a reasonable price, DALSTRONG provides you best-looking award-winning design and high culinary performance. This Ultrasharp AUS-10V Japanese super steel fillet knife is the best to fillet knife for super control and sharp edge performance.

Ultra-premium G-10 handle is impervious to heat, cold and moisture. The handle of this knife features with military-grade design material that offers long-lasting durability. The hand-polished black handle provides super control and comfort.


What We Like


High Quality Japanese super steel construction

Sheath includes with this knife for storing securely


What We don’t like

×The knife sheath loose and fall again and again

×The handle of this knife is too square that is not comfortable to hold



WUSTHOF Fillet Knife

WÜSTHOF Gourmet knives offer excellent price and excellence with precise laser cut stamped. A varied range of design will meet the requirements for so many household cooks and skilled chefs.

This model 4628ws of WÜSTHOF highly recommended for a trout fillet knife. In this best fish fillet knife review, this one is best to fish fillet knife for saltwater fish.


Key features of WÜSTHOF Gourmet Fish Fillet Knife


  • Constructed by high carbon German stainless steel
  • 7-inch knife with polypropylene handles
  • Featured with a thin, flexible blade
  • Resistant to corrosion and dulling
  • Including Full-tang handle for all size blade
  • Leather sheath included with the knife

This best fillet knife for salmon fish comes with stunning thin and sharp blade design. For its long and narrow blade, it cut the fish smoothly and goes through the skin of the fish.

For its easy skinning and deboning feature make this knife one of the best fillet knives for walleye.

This knife is also known as the trout fillet knife for its precise cutting and long durability.

The German stainless steel construction makes this knife sturdy and long-lasting. Also, the WÜSTHOF offers a limited lifetime warranty for this model.

Laser-cut carved from one piece of particularly strengthened high carbon stainless steel.

If you see the previous customer review about this fish fillet knife, then you will get a clear idea that this knife will not disappoint you.


What We Like

This knife is an ideal fillet knife for saltwater fish like salmon.

Comfortable to use because of its polypropylene handle

Wusthof fillet knife review gives maximum users positive review


What We don’t like

×Most of the customers complain that blade sharpness does not stay long

×Lack of safety grip on the handle

Related image How to Choose The Best Fish Fillet Knife

(144 hours researched and Users Opinion)


Before investing your valuable money for buying a fish fillet knife, everyone should consider some most important points. Ultimately filleting a fish or deboning poultry is a skilled task.

If you have the best fish fillet knife in your kitchen, but you have no knowledge about filleting, then the ultimate result is not satisfactory.


So, you have proper skill and the right choice of fillet knife make your kitchen jobs easier than any other time.


Right Size

There are different size ranges available for a fillet knife. You should choose one that is ideal for your daily kitchen task. If the knife is short, then that will not suitable for large size fish, on the other hand, long knife requires the extra effort of you.

The blade size between 6-8 inch may ideal size for most of the home and professional cook. But if you want to buy a professional fillet knife, then long size knife will better for you.

Construction Material

The central part of a knife is its blade. So, blade construction material is the major considerable point for buying fish fillet knife. The most wanted and best material for fillet knife is high carbon stainless steel. This material makes the blade high performance and more durable than other materials.

Generally, stainless steel offers stain and corrosion-free knife for your daily rough use. Carbon steel and titanium blades are also good options for a fillet knife.

Handle and Grip

Without holding a knife comfortably, you do not perform well when you are slicing your fresh fish. Even an accident will happen if your knife handle is slippery. So, handle, and grip system should be check before buying your desire knife.

Fiberglass, olive wood, polypropylene handles are most common for a fillet knife. Choose a better grip handle knife for excellent control on your knife. If you find a product with NSF or FDA certified products, then go for it.

Best Fish Fillet Knife Weight

For a perfect professional like fillet, thin and slight curved blade is an ideal choice. The overall weight of the knife depends on its size and construction materials. Choose one that is suitable for your use.

Blade Sharpness

A thin uniform shape fillet depends on knife sharpness. If the blade is not sharp enough then most of the time lots of fish or meats will waste. Both sides with proper sharpness will be the best option.


Related image Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)…


Is DALSTRONG fillet knife an excellent knife for both handed people?

Yes both will make comfortable with it

Does DALSTRONG Shogun Series Fillet Knife approved by NSF?

It is an excellent knife with NSF approval.

Will Gourmet blade is resistant to rust?

Materials used for its construction are rust-resistant. But if you do not carefully use it, then rust will attack.

Does the Zwilling J.A Fillet Knife come with a casing?

Yes, this knife securely comes with its sheath.

What is the overall length of VictorinoxFillet Knife?

The blade length is 7 inch, and this vital issue.

Will Boning Knifework well along with magnetic block?

It works great.

Does Boning Knife have a rust-proof feature?

It resistant to rust but, please use the knife carefully.

Does Bubba come with charging cord?

This model is not an electric filet knife

How can I sharpen Sabatier Fillet Knife?

It is an easy task. You can sharp it with stone or steel when necessary.


Final Thoughts

For a professional and home cook knife or fillet knife is an essential element to do a precise cut of fish, vegetables, meat, and many other things. Wrong choices of the blade will become a nightmare for a cook.

Cooking is an art, and proper filleting of fish or boning of poultry does matter for a delicious looking meal. Therefore, today, we will try to describe some best fish fillet knife for you and your family. I hope this will helpful for you.


Do you like this best fish fillet knife 2020 reviews?


Have an enjoyable cooking time!

Prepare healthy food and stay healthy!


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