How To Fillet a Fish Step By Step | 8 Easy Steps At Home Cut

How to fillet a fish? Catching a fish can be a very fun and easy thing for you, but doing fillet out of it is not something that easy. A fillet, it needs to be precise and very perfect to taste the best. And that why you should always try to follow a process while cutting flesh out of a fish for fish fillet. This simple cutting technique can enhance your dishes taste far better. So, want to know how to fillet fish the easy way? Take a look!


How To Fillet a Fish Step By Step Easy Guideline For Beginners

Make it bled properly

Normally, if you catch a fish, it will struggle and with the blood, its taste will be a little bit acidic. Besides, if you don’t let all its blood go out of the body, the flesh won’t taste its best. So, to get better taste and less messy situation, let your fish bled first. If the fish has just been caught, then make an incision under its gill. Pull a rope from its mouth to the gill. Then, keep it in the water and let it bled. After a few minutes take the fish out of the water and keep it in the refrigerator. Cut and clean it only when you are in the mood. Till then keep it in the ice. This process will preserve the taste.

Clean the fish

Now, descale the fish. You can use a knife or anything as you like. After that, cut its stomach and remove the gut.

Remove the head

It seems not a tough job to cut the head of a fish. But, to make it good, you need to give some extra attention. Cut the head just before its gill. Lay the fish on one side and cut its head. Cut the head right through its spine. It will make the process easier.

Remove the excess part

You will find some extra part of a fish that you won’t need in the fillet. For example- cut the fin of your fish. Besides, remove all these excess body parts too.

Start from the tail, above the spine

How To Fillet a Fish

Start cutting your fillet from the tail. Your knife should start from the tail to you. So, place the head part of the fish closer to you. Fill the spine and cut the fillet. You don’t need to cut through the spine. Cut above the rib. Then use tweezers and remove the fish bones.

Do the same for the other side

You have done cutting fillet on one side of the fish. Now, do the same for the other part too. Flip the fish and do the same. But be aware. As the other part of the fish already has been cut off, it is comparably light. So, do it gently, softly. It can be thicker than the first part. But, don’t worry and cut it.

Cut like you are grilling it

You can use fish fillet for so many dishes. But, while you are cutting it, be focused that, you should cut it like you are going to grill it. Thus, using it further for other places becomes easier. Make it almost 1.5 inches thick. Comparably thin portions of the fish can be used for making kid’s meals and other purposes.

Remove the bones

How To Fillet a Fish


Now, it is much easier for you to remove all the little pieces of bones from the fish. So, just fill it with your hand and take it off.

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Take the skin and fat off

How to remove skin from fish ? EASY…..Feel the place where fish skin get attached to the flesh and through using chef’s knife cut it. Here, you have to believe in your perfection. Maybe, for the first time, it won’t be precise. But, after some time, you will be able to do it.

Then, comes the fact of fat. Some fish has fat and some fish doesn’t. If you don’t want it, cut the excess belly fat of your fish fillet.

Use some water and store it

As all the process has been done, your fish fillet has almost been done perfectly. Now, use some water and clean it. Later, keep it in a bag and store it in the ice.

Whether it is a fish fillet or a mathematical problem, you need to be very aware and concerned about its perfection. Your mistake can be simple. But, its effect can be huge. Without perfection, your fish can taste worse. So, while you are going to fillet a fish, choose the right process and taste the best fillet easily!

So here is the how to fillet a fish step by step guideline.You can cut the fish from head to tail too. It depends on the method that you are using. But, try to keep it smooth. Because, if your knife doesn’t work smoothly, it will ruin the shape of the fillet. I thought that may not seem any problem for you. But, it can ruin the taste of the fish too.   This review might help you

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