6 Best Meat Slicer For Perfectly in 2021 [Recommended+Safe]

Best Meat Slicer comes in handy when you need to slice hard cheese, firm vegetables, bread, and a lot more in no time. It simplifies your kitchen chores.

It gives a professional-looking sandwich in the comfort of your home. You do not need to pay for pre-sliced foods when you’ve got your own machine. Pretty cool, right!

Meat slicer over the somewhat used “food slicer” since they can slice more than just-food. It lets you prepare meats, cheeses, and bread precisely the way you want. Firstly, it invented to be used on meat, but later people figured out there is a variety of things these machines can be slice.

So if you are looking forward to hosting your family for a nice meal, a meat slicer will assist you in your preparation of the meal without compromising the quality. With a slicer, you can even choose the thickness of the meat according to the dish you are cooking.

Why Best Meat Slicer You Need:

Meat slicers and Meat Mincers now essential for home, any supermarket, deli, restaurant or grocery store.

Do we see the consumers are spending a lot of money from going to the grocery store to getting the best chunks of meat Like to wait in a line to get your food? Me neither!

But that doesn’t mean people are now compromising on quality. It only means that you’ll have to switch things up a bit saving time and easily available whenever you want fresh and size as you wish , amazing Right!


       Quick Mapping

   What To Look Getting The Best Meat Slicer

Blade Type and Size


Noise Levels

Safety Features

Engine Power

Engine Transmission

Ease of Use

Easy of Cleaning

As you now have an idea of how much importance a meat slicer holds in your kitchen, we are providing a thorough review of the best meat slicer of the market in case you are preparing to buy one.

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6 Best Meat Slicer Review in 2021:


Chef’s Choice 615A Meat Slicer


Chef’s Choice 615A Meat Slicer is a high-performance slicer at an affordable price:

We like Chef’s Choice 615a electric meat slicer of its smooth operation. This is reasonable and shown to be extremely versatile in the different slicing thickness. Its design allows you to use it easily with good confidence. You will get removable parts to make it easy to clean and maintain.

People love chef’s choice meat slicer for its smooth construction includes a tilted food carriage for fast and efficient slicing. Its food carriage is big enough and fully retracts to permit slicing of oversized roasts, hams and other foods you like. Market research shows this is one of the best meat slicer for jerky.

The ragged blade has a diameter of 7’’ and you can choose 3/4-inch thick slices with the help of the numerical scale knob.

The manufacturer added a special safety button that secures the food carriage in the lock position and a safety fuse for extra protection.

It boasts an impressive 120 watts power high torque motor and reliable smooth gear drive for continuous slicing.

Built on a 120-watts power rating and is engineered with a cool running, high torque electric motor,and a very sharp blade, this machine is our choice for household meat and food slicing.


Key Features of Chef’s Choice 615A Meat Slicer 

  • All structural components made of cast aluminum and stainless steel, with a metal food pusher
  • Multipurpose stainless steel blade, diameter 7
  • Thickness control slices approx. 3/4
  • Included serving tray; weight 11 lbs., 120 watts
  • Blade and various part (a blade, food carriage, food pusher, food deflector) are removable for easy cleaning
  • Used Extraordinary powerful high torque motor adding gear drive
  • Added tilted food carriage for fast and efficient slicing
  • An alternating and continuous on/off switch as well as a special button added to secures food carriage in a ‘lock’ position to limit access of blade when not in use.


What We Like

Lock button hides the blade with the food carriage so you can leave the device out safely.

Lightweight and Sturdy construction

It is easy to clean all parts and store

Can easily fit on the counter

Cut Thin or Thick Slices

No-slip Design of Food Pusher

What We don’t like

× Not very powerful, so when it comes to works, it runs more slowly

× Expensive

Beswood 10 Meat Slicer

Beswood 10 Meat Slicer is perfect for both commercial and home use and it is high enough quality to slice meat, cheese, and other food without effort. electric meat slicer is a high enough quality to even be used commercially.

It comes in a nice silver color and the durable blade is premium chromium-plated and carbon steel to eliminates the need to normally sharpen it and prevents corrosion.

This electric meat slicer is safe, meeting the requirements set by the ETL, FDA, and the NSF

Perfect for both home and deli or restaurant use, this 10” slicer can slice more than just meat. In addition to meat can also cut cheese, fruit, and veggies with ease.

The durable blade is premium chromium-plated and carbon steel which eliminates the need to frequently sharpen it and prevents corrosion. This slicer is safe, meeting the requirements set by the ETL, FDA, and the NSF.

With this machine, you can select the cutting length – maximum 8.25 inches – the cutting height – maximum of 6.7 inches, and the slicing thickness – from 0 to 0.5 inches.

BESWOOD included more features to ensure safety such as the easy to see on and off switch which will help you avoid power shock- it is double illuminated and the adjustment dial.


Key Features of Beswood Meat Slicer

  • Can slice meat, cheese, fruit, and veggies with ease.
  • Easily visible on and off button keep you safe while using the slicer and help avoid power shock.
  • Premium V-belt used for reducing noise and vibration reduction.
  • Double illuminated ON/OFF switch 24V to avoid power shock for the best protection.
  • Durable premium chromium-plated carbon steel blade prevents corrosion which needs less frequent sharpening too.
  • Used Skidproof Rubber Feet & Blade Ring Guard for safety.
  • USA standard approved: ETL, NSF, FDA
  • Two stones blade sharpener maintaining a consistently sharp blade edge.
  • Aluminum body with top-mounted
  • Sharpen the blade frequently is no required
  • Slicing meat, cheese, veggies, ham, fruit precisely


What We Like

Great For Home and Commercial Use

  Slices Meat Fast and Quietly

Multi-purpose slicer

Easy to remove product tray assemble

Rust-resistant Teflon blade

A powerful motor is equipped with the machine

Blade is Corrosion Resistant

Easy to use.

What We don’t like

× Bulkier and heavy enough for carrying.

× Expensive


This machine is suitable for both commercial and home use and it is powerful enough to slice meat, cheese, and other food without effort. It comes in a nice silver color and it measures 20 x 17 x 14.75 inches.

It weighs 33 pounds, so you may want to find it a permanent place as it is rather heavy. The body is made of aluminum, so it is highly durable while the blade is made of carbon steel and features a chromium-plated coating.

It has a diameter of 10 inches. With this machine, you can select the cutting length – maximum 8.25 inches – the cutting height – maximum of 6.7 inches, and the slicing thickness – from 0 to 0.5 inches.

The built-in two-stone blade sharpener helps maintain the blade sharp at all times, without having to perform his task manually. On the side of the machine, you will find the on/off switch – it is double illuminated – and the adjustment dial.

For increased stability, the machine features rubber feet while the blade ring guard reduces the chances of accidents. Additionally, it comes with a cleaning brush.

KWS Meat Slicer 


KWS Meat Slicer commercial meat slicers one of the most steady electric meat slicer with an aluminum allow base .This silver Stainless Steel Coated is perfect for commercial and home both.This KWS MS-10NT electric food slicers cutting thickness of 0- 0.4 inch thick (0-10mm) . KWS Commercial 320w Electric Meat Slicer is the safest machines to have in your kitchen as it is approved by ETL NSF and FDA. The blade is made of a premium Teflon stainless steel.

The blade is made of a premium Teflon stainless steel and the rest of the machine is a durable aluminum alloy base material. With materials like these, you can be sure that kws meat slicer designed this electric meat slicer to last through even the most intensive usage.This is the best meat slicer for jerky.


Key Features of KWS Meat Slicer

  • 10-Inch with Non-sticky Teflon Blade
  • Aluminum Alloy Base
  • Cutting Thickness 0-0.4
  • ETL NSF FDA Approved
  • 320-Watts Motor Power
  • This semi-automatic meat slicer is great for commercial use, home use, caterers and chefs etc.
  • Voltage: 110V/ 60HZ
  • Rotary Speed: 525 r/min
  • Overall dimensions is 20.1 (L) * 18.5 (W) *15.5 (H)
  • For Customer Convenience, Spare Parts Can Be Purchased Directly on KitchenWare Station Official Website.
  • Added skid-proof rubber feet to secure the slicer on the counter-top while you slicing
  • Rotary Speed: 525 r/min
  • Fixed Handle for Pushing the Fixed Meat to Slice
  • 1 additional whetstone and 1 additional belt
  • Removable Product Tray Assembly


What We Like

This is reduced power, 320w, 10-inch blade system

Corrosion-resistant construction

Can easily cut through the thick meat

Low noise and vibration

On-off switch with a waterproof cover

Easy to clean and maintenance

Added waterproof On-Off Switch & Skid Proof Rubber Feet for safety

What We don’t like

× Slicer weight is bit heavy



Chefman Die-Cast Electric Deli


The chefman die-cast electric deli/food slicer is a perfect choice if you are searching for a professional one. It has a removable 8.6″ undulated stainless steel cutting blade and a removable 8.6″serrated stainless-steel blade and die-cast aluminum cutting edge, and a cut control handle that changes from a paper-thin 1/32 inch to a thick 1/2 inch. The removable carriage is made of stainless steel.

All parts are made of stainless steel and aluminum, removable for simple cleanup. This chefman die-cast electric deli/food slicer is an advantageous kitchen machine.

Key Features of Chefman die-cast electric deli/food slicerChefman Die Cast Electric Deli

  • Non-slip feet for safe and sturdy operation
  • Adjustable Thickness Dial
  • Stainless steel removable carriage
  • Can adjust slice control knob from a paper-thin 1/32 inch to a thick 1/2 inch
  • Premium-coated steel and die-cast aluminum housing
  • Easily release the food carriage and pusher for the safest, easiest clean up
  • 180-watt motor

What We Like


The stainless-steel carriage and blade are removable

Cuts close paper-thin cuts or even ½ inch thick slices

Sturdy construction with long-lasting materials

Little and effortlessly storable

Very Light-weight

Quite safe to operate and stable on the working surface

What We don’t like

× Low working sharp edge.

× Cannot wash in the dishwasher

× Its handguard is rather fragile since it is made of plastic

Techwood Food Slicer Electric Meat Slicer 



Techwood Electric Food Slicer is highly recommended because it contains a 120-watt AC motor with a stainless steel cutting blade that measures 6.7 inches.

Expert to cut meats a wide variety of foods, cheeses, bread, deli, fruits, and even vegetables. Its thickness range from 0.04 inches to 0.87 inches.

Users like this because it comes in a compact design containing a hidden storage unit for its electrical cord function. Also this small and compact enough to fit inside of most cupboards.


Key Features of Techwood Electric Food Slicerbest meat slicer

  • Ultra-Sharp 6.7-Inch Stainless Steel Blade
  • Rustproof, removable cutting blade to help slice any food with surgical precision
  • 120 Watts  Motor
  • Aluminum alloy base
  • The food slicer has an adjustable thickness knob gives a sharp cut on any food
  • Used a large slicing platform with non-slip rubber feet for maximum stability and safety
  • Unparalleled Versatility (turkey breast, pepperoni, ham, chorizo, beef pastrami, salamis, gouda, edam, cheddar, firm vegetables or even bread)
  • Easy To Clean


Its compact design allows the slicer to be stored anywhere conveniently.

Multi-purpose can use since the blades and motor can effectively cut a variety of foods

All parts including the slicer are BPA-free.


What We don’t like

× User can find its small (6.7”) those who are used to with bigger one


Nesco FS-250


Nesco FS-250 has all the right qualities of a great slicer. It is constructed from die-cast aluminum with unique titled slicing surface for making food slicing easier. It features a stylish design and is lightweight unlike other food slicers on the market.

This meat slier features a consumer-level 180-watt motor and a blade measuring 8.7 inches. So If you want to make quick wraps or sandwiches from fresh-sliced meats, you must need Nesco FS-250.

Blades are made from stainless steel hardened and serrated for dealing with a wide range of food shapes and sizes. The food slicer is quiet and will slice quickly since it is lubricated. The Nesco FS-250 Stainless is easy to use and comes with a number of safety features as well as it is easy to clean.

This is one of the best home meat slicer.


Key Features of  NESCO FS-250 

  • Full stainless steel sliding food carriage.
  • Large, detachable 8.7″ hardened stainless-steel serrated blade handles
  • Adjustable thickness control knob for 9/16″
  • Dual safety feature
  • Stainless steel rerated blade is sturdy and durable
  • 180 watts motor can slice through tough in a moment
  • Dual safety features allow you to slice in any position.
  • Die-cast aluminum food press
  • Wide range of food sizes and shapes
  • Can adjust slice thickness and High thickness capacity


What We Like

You can seamlessly adjust the thickness with a control knob

Is lightweight

Super easy to disassemble and clean

Its serrated edge gives a perfectly cut slice of meat

Durable and facilitates precision cutting

Strong and high-quality construction

Handguard will protect  your hands

What We don’t like

× Not stable

× Has a problem in securing the food in its place while slicing

× One of the heavier consumer-grade food slicers

× You are advised against running the unit for more than 10 minutes

× power to take it in stride.

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We spent 168 hours testing getting…..

the best meat slicer to help you find one that suits your needs.


We judged the slicers by their performance, safety features and ease of use, and based on our test results, we believe the Nesco FS-250 is the overall best model. It performed well during our testing, offers some fine safety features and is easy to use and clean.


Blade Type And Size


Does the slicer come with a smooth or a serrated blade? A serrated blade is perfect for slicing tough meat and bread. A smooth blade is ideal for vegetables and lean meat. So, what do you intend to use the slicer for?If you need a slicer for everything, get an additional blade or get a top-of-the-range slicer.

Before buying a check, Does the best meat slicer come with a smooth or a serrated blade?

There are two types but both are good for different types of usage.

So you need to know what you’ll be cutting when you pick the blade type.

  • Smooth edge blades are best for leaner meats and vegetables.
  • Serrated edge blades are perfect for tough meats and bread.


From my experience, I would recommend that you will get an extra blade, so you can change based on what you are slicing.

The perfect blade size would be somewhere in the range of 7-9 inches. Make in mind you shouldn’t go below 7.


Powerful meat slicer acts better doing accurate and more meat slicing. Getting the powerful slicer, you may need to check the gear. Is the slicer gear-driven or belt driven? The gear-driven motors are more powerful and preferable.

Engine transmission can be divided into two types:

  • Geared- more powerful but they are louder, and after they wear out they can be more expensive to replace.
  • Belted- quieter, cheaper and easier to replace. I’m fonder of this option for my home.


Safety Features


Safety features must the important part of a meat slicer.

The food slicers have sharp blades. Does the slicer come with built-in safety features to prevent accidental cuts? Look for recessed power buttons which the slicer from running accidentally. There should also be a barrier between your fingers and the blade. Look for slicers with rubberized feet for the slicer to stay on the table or the counter. You may also want to look for a slicer with a dual safety switch.

Since you’ll be handling a machine with a very sharp edge that slices things. That’s why it’s recommended to check must some vital features:

  • Does the slicer come with built-in safety features to prevent accidental cuts?
  • Check recessed power buttons which the slicer from running accidentally.
  • Check there should be a barrier between your fingers and the blade
  • Look slicers with rubberized feet to stay on the table or the counter.
  • See the dual safety switch, so you don’t accidentally turn it on.
  • Your slicer needs to have a good blade guard, as well as a handguard.
  • I’d recommend you also look for at least some switch safety feature. This can be a switch that is recessed into slicer housing or double switch system, so you don’t accidentally turn it on.
  • Cut-resistant gloves are cheap and fairly common. So, buy this one too.
  • Before using read carefully the manual.


As you know all slicers don’t come with thickness control knobs or dials, look for a slicer that has a bigger thickness adjustable range. Make in mind you should keep your eyes will guide you in choosing the right thickness.

Ease of Use

Do not user slicer with bare hands, it could lead to a massive injury!

Ask yourself how fast does the slicer work? Is it easy to clean? How many slices can you expect per minute? Are the other parts of slicer easy to remove, clean and reassembling?

Noise Levels

Look the noise level just check will you be able to make a conversation with the person next to you while you slice meat or vegetables? Generally, most slicers have noise levels ranging from 60-70dbs. Some slicers run at about 60dbs at the beginning but after using a long time the noise levels increased.

So all these are tested the best meat slicer in 2020 and 2021 too. Just read the valuable features again and pick anyone!


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