5 Best Juicer For Greens & Leafy In 2021 [Top Picks+Reviews]



In this review guide, I am heading for a list of my most wanted picks for 2020’s best juicer for greens. An excellent juicer is a significant addition to your kitchen cabinet.

Besides, the juicer is essential for formulating things similar to a smoothie, cold cocktail, nutritious soup, and tasty cake mix.

Even as the top class juicer models over and over again swipe the headings, there’re ample of less expensive juicer models that will get the work prepared as well.

Juicers that price under 100 dollars are more often than not essential brands with restricted qualities. Not each person requires the most recent technology with overall functionality. However, it is imperative to have reasonable potential founded on the budget.

These individuals unable to get by without further preferences, for example, extended guarantee coverage, other preprogrammed Juicing settings, and all that.

These 5  best juicer for greens are leading positions best juicer 2020 and will be in top in 2021 too …….

Table of Contents

Because of their quality, features and consumer reports. This review continues to put on the market over each further variety of products presented. This fact guarantees that all right which product you have a preference, you’ll take pleasure in with an excellent respected deal.

Let’s start in details:


5 Best Juicer for Greens for 2021 

ImageProduct TypeSpeed 
AICOK Slow Masticating JuicerMasticating juicer80 rpm (Low speed)
Aobosi Slow Masticating JuicerMasticating JuicerSpeed of 80 RPM
Breville 800jexl Juice Fountain EliteCentrifugal JuicerTop speed: 13,000 RPM
Omega NC800HDS JuicerMasticating JuicerSpeed 80 RPM (low speed)
Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain ColdCentrifugal Juicer13,000 RPM, while the low speed (6,500rpm)

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5 Best Juicer For Greens & Leafy In 2021 [Top Picks+Reviews]





These AICOK Slow Masticating Juicer machine efforts hard to process the produce. Your produce should chop up very well as well as it gets perpetually to create 10-20 ounces of juice. You can clean it with no trouble!

The filter is entire but not possible to clean thoroughly, and the full brush isn’t efficient. In the end, the germ is a problem with this machine. You will get AICOK Juicer replacement parts whenever you want. This is one of the best masticating juicer ever I had.


Main Features of AICOK Slow Masticating Juicer

  • Seven sections coiled opening up every compartment for highest juice yield
  • You will get more or less 90 percent extra Nutrition increase.
  • Without making extra high temperature and resistance, it preserves the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients as well.
  • Not as much of frothing and no choking at all.
  • Ultimately divides the component from your juice.
  • You can have the enjoyment of a smaller amount of pulp.
  • This machine runs under sixty decibels.
  • The manufacturer use highly developed technology.
  • AICOK Juicer Manual is easy to understand.

What We Like 

√  They give constant technological consultation

√  The customer care service is fantastic and sensible.

√  This machine is trouble-free to accumulate, operate.

√  Simple to clean and completely dishwasher-safe.

√  It includes a long-lasting and firm body structure.

√  You will get high speed juicing experience.


What We don’t like  

× lasted just one or two months before cracking.

× You are sometimes taking too much time to make your juice.

× Some reviewers complain that the machine completes with inexpensive parts.







If you have never used any juicer in your life, this is the best slow juicer model for you. The Aobosi slow masticating  juicer machine has visible information for your proper use.

The juice appears out completely tasty, and I would say the quality is excellent and durable.

It’s quite costly, but another angel masticating Juicer brands are a lot higher charge. You will get the right quality product and delivery in good time.


Main Features of AOBOSI Slow Masticating Juicer

  • The model can extort different fruits and greens in hardly any minutes.
  • Permits the juice to preserve its pure and accurate color, natural flavor, and nutrients.
  • No unclean hands and no splattering.
  • Slow masticating knows how to divide the juice and pulp rightly.
  • Takes out up to 20 percent extra juice and 30 percent extra vitamins than further centrifugal juicer brands.
  • The 150-watt motor is under sixty decibels,
  • You can enjoy the little mouth design to set elements which stop the hands getting hurt
  • Make sure the ingredients are minerals and unwrap for improved juice.
  • This juicer model features a protection lock that assists you simple to accumulate and disband in one or two minutes.
  • The manufacturer product complements a one-month free trial as well as a two-year warranty.

What We Like 

√   The price is reasonable compared to the other brands.

√   Simple to clean and take to pieces.

√   It arrives with an excellent cleaning brush.

√   The motor is quiet and long-lasting.

√   The foam divider is smarts, and the taste is fantastic!


 What We don’t like   

× The biggest problem in this juicer is the small tube

× Sometimes the juicer may shake if you do not cut the firm vegetable into lesser pieces.




We want to settle on a new exclusive juicer, and we are happy that we get this model.

This Breville 800jexl Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor is a handy and great juicer and does not miss out on a hit while you are throwing stable things like carroty or big potatoes in this machine.

We set a produce pot in the trash container that creates cleaning a great deal simpler than the other brand, and after that, we might toss it in the compost stack.

We believe this juicer model is doing well in any dishwasher, but we suggest you wash it all manually.

The washing process possibly will take you less than 5 minutes only.


Main Features of BREVILLE 800JEXL JUICE FOUNTAIN ELITE Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite

  • Very quick titanium resistant cutting disc enclosed by the Italian finished micro-net filter.
  • The filter takes out up to 30% extra juice and 40% extra vitamins.
  • Rounded a three-inch feed pipe that holds the whole fruits and vegetables you put in.
  • The capacity of the juicer jug is 1.1 quarts.
  • The fastening arm bolts go up to one-forth in every order to make sure a warm fit.



What We Like   

Very fast set up process for a newbie

You can clean it easily and quickly.

Includes well-built steel parts

Appears good on the kitchen counter

It can handle large quantities of fruit and vegetables.

The pitcher is vast and reliable.

The waste pot is also significant.

What We don’t like  

×  Some reviewers complain that this machine is a bit loud.

×  The foam is not up to the mark.

×  Sometimes the pitcher cannot be filled because of the position of shape for discharge

×  No discharge cover to put off drips when you are clearing the pitcher






The most fundamental basis we like this juicer extractor is since it formulates juice, which tastes truly fine. If you cannot appetite the substance from your old juicer extractor, this model just the right choice for you.

The Omega NC800HDS Juicer formulates such premium quality results; it does not divide even using much unusual produce. Besides, it creates a very slight foam if at all.

At times, you will get a bit of pulp in your juice that does not trouble you. Furthermore, the flesh arrives out excellently dry, which not at all take place with the previous juicer extractor.

This feature will make you believe like you are not wasting your fruits. Highly Recommended!


Main Features of Omega NC800HDS JuicerOmega NC800HDS Juicer


  • They are using a little rate of 80 RPMs brings about the least heat increase and oxidation supporting active enzymes.
  • Includes double step masticating taking out
  • This model removes the highest quantity of nutrients, flavor, and juice from the least amounts of fruits and leafy greens
  • The variable finish cap has set for the most top juice production and taking out.
  • Silent but high motor with top gear decreases the same of 2 HP motor.
  • includes a nice handle
  • All the parts included in this package.

What We Like   

The pulp appears out truly dry.

A cleaning brush is especially useful and handy.

Straightforward 3-5 min cleaning process after juicing.

The flexible setting for pulp taking out resistance.

It is simple to arrange and take to pieces.

The quality of your juice is fantastic and tasty.


 What We don’t like   

× Some reviewers complain about just a bit heavy shake.

× Not so good performance with pliable fruits like mango.

× Sometimes the plastic filter part is not working at all.




If you would like speed higher than value and capacity, in that case, this is the best juicer for you. I am using this model for less than a year.

I don’t love the soaked pulp. I’ve done the whole thing which is suggested to preparation wet pulp concern, and yet I carry on to include a similar matter. This machine doesn’t like juice spinach properly.

You will upset about that issue. I possibly will suggest this machine just if you would like a quick juicer and if you’re generally juicing fruit.

If you’re a sober juicer and would like the greens, then don’t pay money for this model. You can buy this Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain Cold plus a reasonable price.


Main Features of Breville BJE430SIL The Juice Fountain ColdBreville BJE430SIL Juice Fountain Cold

  • The advanced technology permits your juice to accumulate.
  • More extensive Whole Feed channel calculating three-inch to juice your entire vegetables
  • Security Locking Arm prevents action while the cover isn’t locked as it should be into position
  • The high rate that designed for thicker fruits and firmer vegetables at more or less 1300 rpm
  • The low rate that developed for green vegetables and pliable fruit at more or less 6500 rpm
  • Includes Pulp Bin Container with the Capacity of 3.4 Liter


What We Like   

It can handle large quantities of fruit and vegetables.

Includes heavy steel parts for better service

You can set up this machine simple and quick.

You can clean this juicer with no trouble.

The pitcher of the machine is big and hard.

The waste pulp is way too soaked.


 What We don’t like   

× Some reviewers complain that this juicer is quite noisy.

× The foam is not as good as the other model.

× Sometimes this product is not working correctly.

× No discharge cover to put off drips when you are clearing the pitcher


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Which type is best for the centrifugal and slow juicer?

Answer: In my opinion, the Slow juicer is way silent, and you acquire extra juice out of the machine.

This AAOBOSI juicer is delivery at no cost, but I want to know about returning?

Answer: If you are a prime user of Amazon, this product includes free delivery and free return, but check you’ve to understand the return guidelines as this is 3rd party retailer.

What comes about is you run the kale pulp through the next time in this BREVILLE 800JEXL Juicer?

Answer: We have not attempted this process up until now. We roll the kale in an unyielding move before we are putting it through previously, and it does fine.

What is the significant variation among this Omega nc800 and Omega nc900 model apart from the cost?

Answer: The single variation among these two models is color. The Omega nc800 model is silver, and another is chrome.

We make juice typically with leafy greens, will this BREVILLE BJE430SIL juicer work just right for this job??

Answer: This machine will make fruit juice superbly, but you would have to use lots of green leaves that used for a complete mug. It is undoubtedly most beautiful to make a smoothie with these leafy greens you would get further out of it.


Buying Guide: Best Juicer for Greens For 2020


There are lots of juicers available for sale to assure your budget, even though the economic models possibly will not all the time make someone joyful. Visualize the juicer machine purchase as a deal in the long-standing suitability, power, and happiness.

We want to press every potential ounce of decency into the juice glasses. Sorry to say, crappy type juicers know how to produce crappy succumb.

If you are heading for spending budget on premium natural fruits and getting ready for the juicing, you possibly will also be sure that the appliance you apply assists in making the most of their nutrients and authority.


Here are some important facts we are going to discuss the best juicer for greens in 2020.


User-Friendly Feature: First Thing to Look at!


If you’re all the time on the set-out mode, getting ready the juice must not take a great deal of time. Nowadays, the Juicer brands with smaller components, as well as extensive feeding channels, will reduce the preparation process and cleaning time. Solid and powerful juicers, for example, upright crunching juicers, are simpler to bring into play than the parallel kind of juicer brands.

Effectiveness is the Key: Must Needed Tips

As line as it possibly will sound, we all the time acquire what you pick up the tab. Less pricey juicer models are also not as good at your job in taking out the nearly all fruit juice from your generate. You possibly will finish up acquiring extra fruits as well as vegetables. Also, sooner or later, you may well spend more than the original cost of purchasing your juicer. Spending in the best quality juicer outspoken will back itself at the end of the day.

Trouble-Free to Clean: Another Comfortable Feature

If you are talking about juicers that not including pulp discharge, they are the most easier said than done to clean as well as the most useless machine at a similar time. It does not make any common sense if you’ll pay for a juicer, which will acquire extra time to clean than juicing. Besides, bear in mind that if your juicer is in general dishwasher safe, this feature will save lots of time on the part.

Nutrient Maintenance: Don’t forget to Check

High revolutions per minute suck up lots of air into your juicing compartment helping rust or just the go down of nutrients from the fruit drink.

If you’ve employed a centrifugal-type juicer before you will observe the last part, the result has a tendency to be excessively foamy. Also, nearly all of the juicer models do contain a foam divider.

Foaming is an indication of rust, and with centrifugal type juicer, you will get a twenty-hour step life as a result of this precise explanation.

This issue would not make a huge difference, conversely, if you’re a kind of juicer who may drink the juice at once. Other than, if you are the kind of character who might relatively get ready your juice for 2-3 day spending to save your time, then make a choice an instrument which will provide you the most ledge life of 2-3 days.

Pulp Discharge Process: Another Important tip

Initial stage centrifugal type juicers accumulate the fruit pulp in an inside container, similar to the first juice push. If you’re juicing in massive amounts, the outside pulp discharge arrangement is capable of saving you from suffering from all the time stopping the appliance, releasing it up, and pouring the container as it should be. The exterior pulp gathering method permits you to juice regularly.

VERSATILITY of best juicer for greens


Some oldest juicers cannot process green leafy vegetables as it should be, and most of the time, this case happen with centrifugal type juicers, it is just restricted to juicing stable make, pliable fruits, also citrus fruits as well.

There are no such concerns with the instrument if the juicing formula is further on the solid fruits as you know how to add little amounts of leafy vegetables. On the other hand, if you’re a giant admirer of the green juices, you may pick and choose a juicer that can powerfully process the leafy green vegetables.

It is intended for an enormous additional benefit if it knows how to handle the wheatgrass as well as assist you in making almond along with soy milk juicing. This matter will, without a doubt, put in diversity to the list of healthy drinks.

Changeable Juicing Rate

Best juicer for celery or best juicer for apples if you are looking then you are in the right track. This feature possibly will permit you to extensive fluid ranges of vegetables and fruits. The slower rpm is intended for juicing mangoes, grapes, lychees, and so on.

At the same time, the high rates are excellent for more laborious manufacture like apple, beets, carrots, and so on.

The Size Matters

Juice extractors touchdown the diverse shapes, several colors, and a verity of sizes. The solid juicers are perfect for individuals who contain restricted kitchen space; it is simple to store, also almost certainly does not have many parts to clean.

Side-Lines: Other Essential Tips

A machine with an extended cable possibly will provide you extra elasticity; if not, you have a power channel close to the counter, this issue would not be a significant concern.

Best juicer for greens: Extra Feature to Consider

Noise: Don’t forget to Check This Feature

Despite the fact that this feature is not the most crucial issue, a few people would not be pleased with an incredibly loud juicer. You would not feel like to awaken somebody up in the midst of the juicing schedule.

Brand reputation: Crucial Feature for New User

A few juicing companies do exceptionally well at buyer service at the same time as the other brands are a bit that you require to look out for.

Please do the suitable carefulness before closing up the agreement with the much-loved trade. As a minimum check that the manufacturer has a superior status of honoring service contract claims as well as offers stellar consumer support in a suitable time.

Warranty of the best juicer for greens: Don’t forget to look at!

We can say that the warranty is a no-brainer fact. You will get a year warranty with centrifugal type juicers, although both masticate along with double gear quality juicers are capable of offering up to 10-15 years warranty.

A few companies are fuzzy about the warranty process. You have to make sure what is integrated and what isn’t integrated into their announcement earlier than you are checking out.

Price: Last But Not the Least

When all’s said and done, purchasing a juicer should not price you your everything. If you are beginning out, we may highly suggest high rate juicers to notice if juicing is included in the way of life you are living.

You can buy a good quality centrifugal-type juicer machine inside 150-300 dollars. If you are not the latest to juicing process, maybe it is the proper time to go for improvement.

You may perhaps get a first-class masticating type juicer machine within 180-400 dollars, depending on various brands. If not, you have an adequate amount of budget; you already know how to go for a stainless steel triturating type juicer machine.


Final Verdict:


Juicer is a necessary appliance for your everyday life. Everyone wants to have it in his kitchen. And without a doubt, everybody likes to use this machine as well. While the juicer machine is in your kitchens, you will get benefit from it. This machine is influential in making your life easier.

At the moment, you are already familiar with the various kinds of juicer brands and what to try to find while you are buying a perfect juicer machine.

Your awareness is more than sufficient to pick and choose an ideal and winner model. In case of emergency, you still contain a few suspicions, you by now know how to contact us for any inquiries regarding juicing related issue, or you may perhaps also look into the additional resources in this website.

Have a nice day!


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