How to Make Fruit Juice for Business [10 Killer Steps]

Juice- we all love to taste it. But, that’s not all. You can think about it differently if you want. How to make fruit juice for business?

Like you, many others love to drink it. And, in the summertime, it becomes a highly cherished item for people. This is the thing about what you can invest and get some profits instantly.

These days, people are more concerned about their health. So, they are investing more to enjoy some fresh juice, rather than the bottled fruit juice.

So, here is your time when enjoying the flavor, you can enjoy some cash out of it. Let’s start a fruit juice business! Take a look!


How to Make Fruit Juice For Business

How to Make Fruit Juice For Business

There are many juice business opportunities some levels of starting a juice bar business. At the starting, you need to pass all the levels.

1. Choose your Juice Types

There are various types of juice. Which one do you want to sell? There are energy drinks, smoothie, organic juice and so many of them. Pick your one and start making it. Don’t go for something which you won’t be able to continue.

2. Make a plan

A business can’t be established out of anything. You will need a perfect business plan for your juice business. Make a long term and a short term plan. Prepare the detailed version of your business. What do you want to do with it? To whom you want to sell it?

Who are your target people? You need all the information, analysis and all for your business plan. If you don’t do it, after some time, your business may start being lost. Just keep in mind that, there were many more businesspeople were here like you before. But, among them, only those people have sustained who cared for a bulletproof business plan.

3. Don’t forget the recipe

This is the main thing which you need to know first. You can even plan the business after starting it. But, if you don’t have any idea about what you are selling, then nothing will be tougher for you than that. Some so many other people are selling juice like you. Why people will buy your one? There must be some reason. Know your product. Make it different than the others. As everyone is selling orange or mango juice so often, you can sell strawberry and other fruit juice to provide some different tastes. Then, people will be bound to drink your juice!

4. Try to buy in bulk

Of course, while you are doing business, you will need different types of equipment. You will need a cup, a napkin, and many more things. You may buy juicer or blender separately. But, to get the best output in the cheap range, you should buy all the other things from wholesale. You should buy it in bulk amount. Then, it won’t create any extra pressure on you all of a sudden.

5. License and permits

There are juice business opportunities around you that is very fine. But, to start your business, you need something more! While you are starting a business, you will need to manage licenses and permits. To start a food business, you will need another permission. Besides, get the employer identification number too. So, in the future, it doesn’t create you any pain, you can manage all these and then go fast!

6. Ensure the materials

From what you are going to produce juice? At first, ensure that you have enough amount of production. You can connect with some local people to get fruits. If you are trying to provide organic juice, you should go for the best and farm-grown fruit. You can even charge more for it if you want. People want organic juice these days. So, they will love your product. Besides, try to collect your materials from the nearest producers. And then, you won’t even lack the production.


7. Find the selling location

When you are making juice, you need to sell it too. But, how will you do it? You should find some selling locations. It can be a carnival, it can be near any school or park or shopping mall. You should choose whether you will sell the juice in a bottle or glass? You can do it both wise.


8. Advertise your business

Why people will buy your drink? How they will know about your product? For the best advertisement, you should publish the news in the newspaper, social media, and other places. You can provide the news to the fitness centers too. People who are concerned about health and goes to the fitness center will buy organic and healthy juice.


9. Take a baby step

How many days it has been that you are thinking about opening a fresh juice shop? Is it being tough to rent a place for it? Just figure out which thing is pushing you back continuously.

After that, it would be easier for you to find a solution. If the place is an issue, then you can start from your home. You can deliver the fruit juice. On the other hand, if opening a shop seems an easier option, then try to do it.


10. Think about the price

Have you thought about the price of your production, the juice? How much will you take for a cup of organic juice? It can vary based on the ingredients in it. If you grow fruits by yourself or collect the fresh one to provide organic juice, the price can be a little bit higher.

You can take a look at the other juice bar around you. How much they are charging for their product? Whatever the price is, try to keep it within reach. What the cost is, try not to charge 30% more than that.

So, what are you thinking as you know all how to make fruit juice for business?

Are you ready to open your juice bar? Stop thinking and just do it! If you love it, trust me, it will be a success! So, let, set, go….


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