How to make apple juice at home with blender [3 Easy Recipe]

Do you love the taste of apple juice, but don’t want to invest in a juicer? Maybe, you know how to make apple juice with a juicer. But do you know how to make apple juice at home with blender? A blender can do your job perfectly.

How to make apple juice at home

All the household chores you do with a blender, now you can add something more with it. You can enjoy fresh apple juice through it too! Besides, the good news is, generally apple juice made by blender tastes better than the one prepared by the juicer.

Though, you have to drink it as soon as possible. Juice prepared by blender tastes fresher and better right after it is made. But still, it’s cheap and tastes better! So, are you ready to make a glass of fresh apple juice? Let’s take a look at the procedure and three different recipes for it!

The process of preparing apple juice


Making apple juice with a press! There is some process that you have to follow while making apple juice with a blender. At first, you have to gather all the equipment that you will need. Besides a blender, you will need a strainer too. You can pick a paint strainer bag for work. There should be a large glass or plastic container, on which you can place the strainer.

Here comes the second phase. Wash your fruit and cut it. Pull all the apple seeds out. Make sure so that all the apple pieces become 1-inch cube. You can cut some large pieces too. Now, place the apples in the blender. Put the small one first and place the others on the top.

Pour enough water, but try not to pour too much. After that blend it properly and put all the juice on the strainer. Before that, place the strainer on the container. Now, all you have to do is, strain the juice properly and keep the raw juice in the freezer. After that, you can drink it.

Yes, that’s all! But, you can taste the juice differently if you want. It all depends on the way how you make it. So, here comes some varieties of apple juice that you can make at home with a blender.


How to make apple juice at home with blender -3 Easy Recipe


Green Apple Juicehow to make apple juice with a blender


Who doesn’t want to drink something healthy? In the Green apple juice, you will get the opportunity to enjoy your health in a better way!






Lemon juice



How to make it?

At first, pour some water in the blender. Now, add the spinach and all the other ingredients in it. That’s it! Now, blend it until you feel it smooth enough. Your drink is ready for you!


Apple Juice with Milkhow to make apple juice with milk


You must be thinking that how to make apple juice with milk? It’s made by apple and milk. So, if you are craving for something like a smoothie, you can take it. So, let’s take a look at how to make it!





⇒Cinnamon powder


⇒Ice cubes


How to Make It:

At first, wash your apple properly. Now, cut it and put all its seeds out. Chop it properly and put it in the blender with milk and water. Add some sugar and nuts too. Now blend it properly and put it into a glass. After it is made, put the ice cube and some cinnamon in it. Your juice is ready!


Red Apple Juicefresh squeezed apple juice


This is the basic kind of apple juice you can make with your blender. It will provide you a good feeling too. You can blend and sip it fresh.




⇒Ice cube




How to make it?

The process is pretty simple. You just have to wash and cut the apple into pieces. Now, Place all the ingredients in the blender except cinnamon. After the juice is blended, pour it into a glass and spray the cinnamon over it. Your juice is ready to drink!


Apple juice 6 Killer benefits⇒

Apple juice 6 Killer benefits

No, I am not talking about the apple juice that you buy from the store. The freshly blended apple juice has so many health benefits. Let’s take a look at them!

  1. Proper hydration

Apple has 88% water in it. So, while you are taking it, you will enjoy enough water too. It will keep your body hydrated all the time.

  1. Beneficial plant compounds

Apple juice has all the beneficial plant compounds that will help you to protect your cells from inflammation. It’s very organic and good for your skin.

  1. Lower heart risk

Drinking apple juice lessens heart issues. It provides all the beneficial components through which you can control your cholesterol level. Your blood circulation will also be in good condition. As a result, you will enjoy a better heart!

  1. Lower brain damage

Due to having some antioxidants and other components, apple helps to lower brain damage. People who are dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, a cup of apple juice is very healthy for them.

  1. Prevent asthma

Are you suffering from asthma? Is it being tough to be on medication all the time without any proper results? A glass of apple juice may create some magic. Apple contains flavonoids, which is hugely known as the preventer of the asthma attack. It makes your lungs stronger. So, you can try it for this medical purpose too!

  1. Prevents cancer

Apple has flavonoids and phenolic acids, which help our body to fight against cancer, especially, lung cancer.


So, you might learn and get your answer How to make apple juice at home with blender  ? were you always thinking to start drinking apple juice these days, but couldn’t start for a juicer? No need to buy it at all then! Just use the blender that you already have in your home. The juice, it not only tastes better and provides a good feeling.

You will be able to enjoy so many health benefits through it. Health and taste- who will want to miss it? And, that too in such an easy way. So, just pick the apple and turn it into your favorite apple juice!


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