Best Single Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder in 2021 [Buyers Guide]

Ah, the joy of waking up to the fresh smell of coffee. There’s nothing quite like it, isn’t it?

But it’s almost impossible to brew a perfect cup of joe at home all by yourself. Or is it? Of course not! Sure, the Starbuck baristas might know your order like the back of their hands, but why spend hundreds of dollars every month when you can literally start your day with a velvety, frothy, and fresh cup of coffee?

Perhaps you’ve finally decided to ditch your go-to customized drink, or you’re willing to get rid of your outdated coffee maker. Worry not, as we’ve commenced some of the best single cup coffee makers with grinder for you to check out, so you can finally stop with the reckless splurging.

But first, let’s dive in to know the basics of the best single cup coffee maker, shall we?


What Is A Single Cup Coffee Maker?

The best single cup coffee maker will let you prepare and brew coffee for just one person. The single serve coffee maker with grinder built in works just as any other coffee maker and serves you hot coffee within minutes.

You will get various options to choose the best drip coffee maker as each of them may or may not differ in strength, blend, flavor, brew, filter, and costing standards.


ImageProduct Strength & Temperature Control
Water Capacity 
Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker
  • 8 Strength Settings

  • Cold Start– IdleTemperature

  • 60.ozkitchen jam
    Keuriq K-Elite Coffee Maker
  • Single Serve

  • Available
  • 75 ozkitchen jam
    Brevilee BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine
  • Single or Double

  • Digital Temperature Control
  • 67 ozkitchen jam
    Hamilton Beach 2-way Brewer Coffee Maker
  • Regular or Bold

  • Programmable
  • kitchen jam
    Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker
  • 6 Sizes

  • 50 Ozkitchen jam
    Keurig K150 Single Cup Commercial Coffee Maker
  • 5 Sizes

  • Adjustable
  • 90 ozkitchen jam
    Mr. Coffee Single Cup Coffee Maker
  • 6 Sizes

  • 24 ozkitchen jam
    keurig k-Mini Coffee Maker
  • robust strength control

  • 6 - 12 ozkitchen jam


    Types of Grinder:

    There are two kinds of coffee grinders — burr and blade. According to coffee enthusiasts and connoisseurs, blade grinders are not worth the investment as they lack uniformity in the coffee particles. This uneven brew leads to your coffee tasting mediocre and sometimes just— bad. Blech!

    Burr grinders are expensive, but they’re worth the extra mile as they serve consistent results with each grind, resulting in aromatic and delicious coffee.



    Best Single Cup Coffee Maker with Grinder in 2021:


    1) Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker 

    kitchen jam

    Looking for a multi-user friendly coffee maker? You have hit the jackpot!

    Keep reading to know why the Breville BDC650BSS manual coffee maker is a staple in most households and how it allows proper calibration in the art of making coffee.

    Some of the most-liked Breville grind control coffee maker parts are its auto-start and timer features. You can set it up and go about doing other chores and have a piping hot cup of coffee instantly when you’re done.

    Besides, you don’t have to keep coming back to check as the LCD screen gives you real-time brewing, water level, and grinding feedback. But, let me ask you this — does your household have multiple coffee-junkies? And most of them demand huge mugs of coffee every morning?

    Well then, the solution is right here! You get served 12 cups of coffee in one go, with optimized functionality and, most importantly, consistency in all cups.

    Doesn’t it sound like a God-send? Oh, the struggle of making cups and cups of coffee every morning. It’s tiring!

    But, not anymore. Personally, I wake up as the powerful hit of the coffee splashes through my system, and what’s coffee without its strong aromatic power, right? The 8 varying settings on this machine serve all coffee lovers with just the kind they’re used to gulping down.

    Impressive, isn’t it?


    • Carafe maintains temperature for 3 hours.
    • Grinder is quieter
    • Burr grinder is highly consistent
    • Removable and transferable bean hopper


    • Carafe needs to be manually warmed
    • Have to empty out the carafe for new pots


    2) Keuriq K-Elite Coffee Maker 


    kitchen jam


    What’s the entire buzz about the Keurig K-elite reviews? Read along to find out.

    First off, the Keurig K-elite iced coffee brew settings are a great exception that most other coffee makers lack. In addition to that, there’s also a strong brew setting which makes everything so much more diversified, doesn’t it?

    There’s no barrier when it comes to loving coffee, so who’s to say that you can’t enjoy a chilly cup of iced coffee whenever you want? Well, now you can!

    The Keurig K-elite water filter is what a whole round-up of convenience looks like. It’s user-friendly too because of its large water reservoir and 8 cups of space availability.

    What’s the catch in this? You get to save time and simplify your every day morning routines. Along with the removable reservoirs, it also features a Keurig K-elite reusable filter, so waste not, want not.

    When it comes to functionality, it’s pretty hard to beat a Keurig coffee machine due to its rapid water heating properties, desired settings, and on-the-go, instantaneous, delicious, and smooth coffee.

    Imagine a long day at work and coming home to a dirty coffee maker? Heck, as if the day wasn’t draining enough!

    Don’t worry, as the K-elite model requires zero to minimum cleaning on a daily basis. And that’s a huge banger, especially if you’re always busy or a lazy bum like me.


    • Multiple cup sizes available
    • Can manipulate brew settings
    • Large water reservoir
    • Iced setting


    • Coffee might splatter if the mug is short

    3) Brevilee BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine 

    kitchen jam


    Have you read all the Breville barista express reviews? Because they will blow your mind.

    If you haven’t already, sit tight as we throw one bomb after another with this compact grind and brew coffee maker.

    Let’s face it, good coffee makers are expensive, and the scene is no different when it comes to this great stainless steel burr machine. But, even then, why do we think it’s one of the best grinds and brew single cup coffee makers?

    It’s straightforward to clean and use. Here’s why. Let’s begin by establishing these two and move on to the rest. You will not have to get your hands dirty with this business-looking coffee maker.

    The breville barista touch delivers on demand, with hands-free operation and just the right amount of fresh and aromatic coffee grounds. The breville espresso machine has evidently snatched away a lot of sales from Starbucks, and, no, we’re truly not exaggerating.

    The hefty portafilter can roast beans with your preferred taste, and the PID delivers water at the right temperature, hinting enough care at the espresso extraction.

    The frothy and velvety texture is gifted due to its micro foam milk texture that steams and enables latte art and even enhances the rich coffee flavor.

    Mmm… I could really use some latte now. What about you?


    • Dose control grind
    • Micro-foam milk texture perfect for lattes
    • Great blending power
    • Easy to use and clean


    • Oily or dark beans can clog up the grinder


    4) Hamilton Beach 2-way Brewer Coffee Maker 


    kitchen jam


    A 2-way coffee maker that’s versatile, affordable, and sleek. Now, who wouldn’t want to jump in that deal, right? Before I get ahead of myself, let’s see if this is your true match.

    After going through multiple ‘Hamilton beach coffee maker how to use‘ articles and tutorials, we’ve concluded that it’s one of the easiest to use single cup coffee grinders. The Hamilton beach 49980a reviews are no exception either, where they rave about its hot coffee making abilities, easy to use features, and serve sizes.

    Starting the day in awfully long cafe lines? Not anymore! Fear no more — this piece is affordable and super low-maintenance, so you can cherish your mornings with premium quality coffee.

    All the Hamilton beach 49980a parts work in a consensus to deliver piping hot coffee within minutes, may it be single serve or 12-cups. Fun fact: This model comes with a traveling mug, so you can have your coffee on the go without worrying about the dropping temperature of your beverage.

    For me, spilling is the most dreadful aftermath of making coffee. And I believe we’re all on the same page with this. No matter how gentle you are always left with a drip, mess, or spill here and there. Ugh!

    But here’s the good news: Hamilton is renowned for its carafe creation, which keeps the system and your kitchen counter squeaky clean.


    • Brew single serve or a pot
    • No-spill carafe
    • Auto shut-off
    • Removable reservoir


    • Hot plate is weak


    5) Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker 


    kitchen jam


    If you’re finicky about coffee machines taking up most of your kitchen counter’s space, then this is the best offer for you. The Ninja specialty coffee maker filter size and machine are so compact that it can fit anywhere.

    We love a compact machine that’s jam-packed with various operations, don’t you? You don’t even have to scram the Internet with ‘Ninja specialty coffee maker how to use‘ searches because, it’s literally an open-book for all.

    If you’re all about compact sizes and an array of various brewing options – get this! Your inner barista will truly outshine others.

    The coffee maker efficiently produces your favorite cup of coffee with a carafe that can hold up to 10 cups. Tip: try the Ninja specialty coffee maker latte and you will never regret it.

    A reason why Ninja coffees turn out so delicious is because of the easy to use, compact and foldable frother. Just so you know, when you combine the perfect frother in a coffee maker – you’re all set!

    News flash: Ever experimented with coffee? If you haven’t already, here’s your chance! The classic, rich, over-ice and specialty brew options will enhance the coffee’s flavors and quality like you’ve never known before.


    • Versatile brewing options
    • Easy to clean
    • Small and compact
    • Foldable and easy to use frother


    • Too loud


    6) Keurig K150 Single Cup Commercial Coffee Maker 


    kitchen jam


    We can assure you that no model can deliver you the joy of a household and a commercial coffee maker. But, here we are with these Keurig k150 parts, which defy it all.

    The Keurig k150 reusable cups are available in 5 sizes, also known as the K-cup. So you can choose how much you’d like to drink, or how many cups to prepare without wasting coffee anymore.

    Are you traveling with your coffee? Because that’s been taken care of. These are the best for workaholic and home-makers all around, and serve quick and slow clock tickers, alike.

    Along with the addition of the Keurig k150 plumbed, it also comes with a highly interactive touch screen that makes brewing, temperature control, and the convenience of making coffee extremely handy. It also utilizes an advanced technology which denotes Keurig k150 troubleshooting and cross checks errors easily.

    Moreover, it’s a big hit nation-wide due to its 3 language settings. On the other hand, we love a coffee maker that doesn’t jolt everyone awake bright and early. Yes, this Keurig model has a quiet brewing technology, and it’s easy to clean, too, due to its removable drip tray.

    You can finally say hello to fresh mornings with a delicious cup of high-quality coffee. And say bye-bye to your sleepy eyes.


    • Can hold large amount of water
    • Offers variety of coffee
    • Interactive touch screen
    • Quiet machine


    • Coffee may have a plastic-y smell



    Related image What Should You Look for When Buying a Grind and Brew Coffee Maker?


    1. Dimension:

    With single cup coffee makers, people usually prefer a smaller size as it can easily fit into any junction of the kitchen or dining area. It is also great for portability. But, the size also needs to be considered depending on the size of your coffee mug. Before purchasing the best single cup coffee maker, check out the brand’s site for the exact LxWxH ratios and check if it’s compatible with your daily consumption.

    1. Type of Grinder:

    In your quest to find the best single cup coffee maker, you will come across two kinds of coffee grinders, a blade and burr grinders. Let’s dive in to know what the main differences and key points are in them.

    Blade Grinders — also known as manual grinders, these grinders are incredibly cheap. Now, there’s a reason why these potential grinders are cheap, to begin with. There is usually the presence of different sizes of particles rather than these two as well.

    But, here’s the downfall. In order to eradicate these inconsistencies, if you keep grinding longer than you’re supposed to, you will close in on the risks of burning the coffee and deteriorate the flavor too.

    To be completely honest with you, blade grinders work best in the kitchen as a great cooking appliance. These blades are similar to those used in blenders; thus, you could easily utilize these to crush spices or herbs but, coffee… Uhh, not so much.

    If you’re already investing your precious time and money by getting your hands on the best quality coffee out there, it’s only wise to do the same with the best commercial coffee maker with grinders to get the full effect.

    Burr Grinders — these are the best single cup coffee maker with grinders available in the market, and here’s why. If you want to spark up your taste buds with the best tasting coffee every morning, you need the right appliance for it.

    This is a great step-up from generic, inconsistent blade grinders due to its excellent grinding techniques, which erupts into further smaller pieces of good quality and highly aromatic coffee. With uniformity in each cup of coffee, you can relax and expect each of the particles to come out the same size and consistency.

    Don’t take it from us, but believe in the coffee connoisseurs who vowed burr grinders as it brings out exceptional flavor and quality in the coffee after each grind.

    1. What Type of Coffee Do do You Prefer?

    This depends on our specific preferences entirely. Whereas some of us love the strong hit of black coffee, others might suffice their taste buds with an instant mix. Personally, I love lattes because of its heavy milky after-taste and a strong coffee aroma base.

    1. Filter:

    Getting your hands on a single cup coffee grinder with a built-in filter is important, as consuming unfiltered coffee is harmful to the heart. It will raise a person’s homocysteine levels, which can lead to heart strokes or diseases. It’s better to scratch out those possibilities whilst consuming your favorite beverage in peace and getting a filtered, compact grind and brew coffee maker.

    1. Overall Functionality:

    When it comes to functionality, you must look into how many versatile options the coffee maker has, as your household might habitat multiple types of coffee lovers. This invites the brew strength and brew options. Does it allow you to whip up a cappuccino or an espresso? Versatility is key.

    Other features that you might want to check out our auto-off, auto-programming, timer, water filters and purifiers. Focus on your particular necessities and go with the most diversely functional piece.

    1. Burr Grinder:

    Burr grinders are the way to go if you want uniformity in your coffee grounds. Within minutes, you will get a smooth texture in the coffee grounds through and through, keeping the flavor, aroma, and quality intact. There are flat and conical burrs available in the market with little difference in each. However, the results are exemplary in both; thus, it’s worth the buck.

    1. Blade Grinder:

    Blade grinders are far more suitable to grind spices rather than coffee. It has blades that are similar to a blender; thus, the coffee grounds come out inconsistently crushed. Prolonging the grind isn’t an option either, as that would burn the grounds. All in all, blade grinders are a ‘big NO’ for many users.

    1. Ceramic VS Steel Grinders:

    All burr grinders are usually made of ceramic or stainless steel. But there are definite distinctions when it comes to their durability, cost, and functionality.

    Stainless steel burrs are generally more common and function well; however, you may need to replace them after a few years in your coffee, making the journey. But the good news is that replacing stainless steel burrs is actually more comfortable than the ceramic ones as they’re affordable and readily available too.

    Ceramic burrs are long-lasting and a great fit for making espresso. It goes without saying that ceramic burrs cost more due to high functionality and long-lasting benefits. On the contrary, it’s quite tough to get your hands on ceramic replacement burrs in case the original burr breaks.

    1. Grinder Setting:

    If you have various kinds of coffee lovers in the same household, you’d want to invest in the best coffee grinder with optimized settings options. With more options, you get the benefit of acquiring better consistent results with coffee grounds.

    But, just to catch you up with the basics, if a grinder costs more, it evidently has more grinder settings or options. The two most commonly found grinder settings are stepless and stepped grinders.

    Stepless — these allow more options from the generic range and don’t have specific established settings.

    Stepped — these provide you with a number of settings that you can choose from before you grind your beans.


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      Related image  F.A.Q

    1. How much capacity do you need?

    The proportions are simple. Let’s say you’re making 4 cups of coffee, and for that you will need 5 tablespoons of water, which is 20 ounces. If you’re making coffee for 8, go for 10 tablespoons, so on and so forth.

    1. Will you use a travel mug?

    Travel mugs are beneficial for the environment as they are better substitutes to disposable cups. They’re also easily portable without the risks of spills and stains. Travel mugs are also best for keeping your coffee hot longer.

    1. Which are better – Fresh beans or pre-ground?

    It all comes down to freshness, scent and flavor when it comes to choosing between the two. Pre-ground coffee is better as you don’t have to grind them on your own; thus, it’s more convenient. Whereas, fresh beans will deliver the freshest cup of coffee with every grind.

    1. Can you program it in?

    You can program fresh, whole beans in your coffee maker without grinding it. It creates the most flavorful and delicious cups of coffee within an hour.

    1. How easy is it to use?

    It is quite simple since you’re already going that extra mile to create fresh coffee at home. All you’ll need is coffee, water and coffee makers.

    1. Is it easy to clean and care for?

    It is idle if you opt for removable filters, water tanks and carafe lids in your coffee maker as you can rinse them individually. If not, you might have to struggle a bit with brushes, and clothes with the non-removable parts in most other coffee machines.

    1. How noisy is it?

    If your coffee maker is exceptionally loud, there may be residue or dirt trapped in the system somewhere. However, there are plenty of great options in the market for the quietest coffee makers too, if you’re looking for that specific feature.

    1. Does it need a grinder?

    Owning a grinder will enable you to brew your coffee better every morning. It also comes with various grinding options, so you can enjoy coffee; however you like.

    1. Why trust the spruce eats?

    Donna Currie’s books number in the hundreds, which are inspired by the 1800s but even carry some great additions with modern concepts at the forefront. Her recipes are tested and approved by herself, and she continually

    keeps innovating recipes out of the box.

    1. What should you look for when buying a grinder and brew coffee maker?

    We’ve listed a few points for you to cross-check in order to score a good coffee maker –

    • Convenience
    • Type of coffee
    • Brew size
    • Timing
    • Sizing
    • Customized brewing options
    • Functionality and other features
    1. Which type of coffee do you prefer?

    It depends on your personal preference, entirely. While some people love a hint of bitter and a sugary base, others love the raw bitter taste of coffee that wakes them up instantly. It also depends on whether you’re making your coffee at home or stopping at your nearest Starbucks. Just go with whatever delights your taste buds best!

    1. Is it worth grinding my own beans directly before brewing?

    The more you crush your coffee beans, the easier it would be to lead this to tastier soluble. It’s always a good thought to brew right after grinding, and you will notice a greater change in texture and flavor.

    1. Are the coffee grinder supplied on bean-to-cup machines any good?

    Just like any other coffee machine, there are simple exceptions that can make or break this deal. With bean to cup coffee machines, you must look for the proper portafilter, milk texture, type of coffee that you prefer, built-in water filter, and the grind style.

    1. Which grind size works best for espresso?

    Your goal is to produce a 2-2.5oz double shot of espresso in 20-30 seconds. Start with a grind that’s a little finer than sugar. If your extraction is too fast, grind finer, and if it’s too slow, grind coarser.

    1. Are electric grinders better than manual grinders?

    You can achieve better grinds with manual grinders rather than an electric one. Manual grinders are cheaper too.

    1. Is single serve coffee maker better than multipurpose machines?

    To put it simply, single-serve coffees are quicker, and if you’re always in a rush in the morning, it’s perfect for you. If you don’t need full-fledged 10-12 cups of coffee a day, then single servers are the best option.

    1. Is it required to filter my water when making coffee?

    Filtering tap water is an excellent alternative to making coffee. You can invest in any of the highest-selling water filters that will make any non-coffee water worth the treat.

    1. How to choose the best coffee maker with grinder?

    Consider the following settings and details before purchasing.

    • Type of the grinder.
    • Grinder settings.
    • Your preferred coffee type.
    1. How to maintain coffee machine?

    Follow these simple tips to maintain your coffee machine:

    • Use the machine properly, according to the manuals.
    • Study the machine and read the instructions.
    • Turn off the machine when you’re done.
    • Always empty the carafe.
    • Clean through QR codes.
    1. Burr or blade, which is the best grinder type?

    Even though burr grinders are more expensive, their finished quality is better. They’re widely renowned by coffee lovers for consistent performance, quality and uniformity in service.

    1. Why grinding first before brewing?

    Ground coffee has a larger surface than whole beans, which allows compounds to escape quicker. Thus, you must brew the beans before grinding them for better taste results.

    1. How much coffee can I use per cup?

    Abide the ‘golden ratio,’ which is — mixing six ounces of water to every 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee. But, you’re free to mix it up according to your preference.

    1. Which is the best grind and brew, coffee maker?

    The Cuisinart DGB-900BC has shown exemplary results in its bean grinders and coffee making techniques. With the perfect balance in functionality and price, its simple controls and auto-burr grinder options are praise-worthy.

    1. Why is freshly ground coffee better?

    It tastes and smells better. It’s freshly-made, hence, not contaminated either. The flavors are intact due to lack of CO2 and being whisked by air moisture.

    1. What is the best grind for drip coffee makers?

    You need to switch your settings to medium-coarse grind if you want to achieve the perfect pour over coffee. The grind size will be similar to a French press, but smoother and less chunky. Use medium-fine grind, if you’re using a cone shaped drip.

    1. What is the best grind for espresso coffee?

    Fine coffee grinds work best for espresso, as it’s the smallest in size and is similar to the size of the sugar particles. It is necessary for the grind to be fine because of the short time that the water comes in contact with the coffee.

    1. What is the difference between a burr grinder and a blade grinder?

    Burr grinders utilize abrasive surfaces with two revolvers to grind coffee. Whereas, blade grinders utilize propeller-like blades, which mimics a blender’s blade style.

    1. How to store coffee and keep it fresh?

    Store coffee beans in an air-tight, opaque container at room temperature to preserve the fresh taste. Avoid transparent canisters and keep the beans in a cool and dark location.

    1. How to use my grind and brew, coffee maker?

    First off, only pour the amount of water, which is consistent with the number of cups you want to brew. After filling the coffee holder with your favorite coffee beans, turn the coarseness knob to select the grind size. Then turn the brewing knob to select your desired coffee strength. Also, turn the brewing option on to choose the number of cups.


    So, which one seemed like the best single cup coffee maker with grinder to you? We hope that now you know enough about coffee and what goes into making them great – so you can have a go at it yourself.

    It takes a few definite features to make coffee taste premium and delicious. But, the more features that you can afford, the merrier. At the end of the day, who would want to visit local cafes every day, spent hundreds, and not even have their names spelled correctly, right?

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