10 Best Over The Sink Dish Rack – Reviews and Comparisons [2021]

Nowadays, to maintain a well-organized, tidy and modern kitchen, over the sink dish racks play a very important role. Having the best over the sink dish rack can help you deal with limited space, manual cleaning, and easy drying of dishes, irrespective of lacking a dishwasher.

To ensure the best one for you, check out our 10 best over the sink dish racks reviews along with an exhaustive buying guide.

over the sink dish rack


What is an over the sink dish rack?

Over the sink dish rack or dish rack over sink is a kitchen tool that uses the space over the open sink without occupying the up spaces alongside the sink, or countertop. Thus, it allows convenient drying and systematic organization of your dishes, spoons, glasses, knives, cups, and all other kitchen equipment including the ones that aren’t dishwasher safe.

Best Over The Sink Dish Rack in 2021 – Top 10 Reviewed



Why choose it the best over the sink dish racks?

If you lack enough space and a dishwasher, an over the sink drying rack can be your ultimate savior. However, it may not always be true. It may turn out to be burdensome if your over the sink dish rack lacks an essential quality. That’s why you need the best over the sink dish rack.


Best Over The Sink Dish Racks in 2021 – Top 10 Reviewed


1.Veckle Dish Rack


Sometimes we care for a lightweight yet superbly sturdy, durable and reliable over the sink dish drying rack, and that’s why we have picked this lightweight yet genuinely impressive dish rack of Veckle. With an amazing capacity of 221 lbs., it weighs only 06 pounds.

kitchen jam


  • It is a 2 x 11.3 x 23.4 inches over the sink dish drying rack
  • High-grade and heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Comes with adjustable rubber feet, which is non-slip as well
  • Its mounting type is the pure countertop
  • Equipped with detailed assembly instructions

kitchen jamPros:

  • The huge storage capacity of 221 lbs.
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Sturdy, durable, and yet it is lightweight
  • Anti-rust and heavy-duty materials used
  • Very quick drying

kitchen jamCons:

  • Complaints about rusting issue
  • It is not an adjustable dish rack


It is best for its lightweight and huge storage capacity. Sometimes, heavyweight dish racks feel burdensome, so you can get this one to make the most of your money with its huge capacity of 221 lbs.

 2.304 Stainless Steel Dish Rack


If you are struggling with a limited space kitchen, and you don’t even have enough cabinet spaces, you can go for this 2-tier over the sink dish drying rack right away. With a capacity of 40 lbs., it can hold 32 bowls and 20 dishes at a time and allow you to continue cooking and washing all day long.

kitchen jam


  • Overall dimensions are 5 x 11.5 x 31 inches
  • SUS304 steel made study, durable and heavy-duty construction
  • Allows adjustable width in between 36.5-39 inches
  • Equipped with a detailed instructions manual
  • A customer support warranty of 12-months

kitchen jamPros:

  • Space-saving design, durable and sturdy
  • Amazingly large capacity
  • Made of anti-rust material
  • Room for cleaning equipment as well
  • Fits for both drying and storage of utensils

kitchen jamCons:

  • Lacks in silverware tools holding
  • It’s a bit costly compared to others of its kind


Being an ideal space-saving kitchen device, it is best for limited space kitchen. Besides, it also helps as a multifunctional tool as well.


3.Loyalfire Dish Rack


The Loyalfire 2-tier stainless steel over the sink dish drying rack is known for its large capacity and space-saving construction.  Interestingly, it can also save your day by being a perfect tool for your RV. If you love you traveling, you can buy this steady and sturdy dish rack without a second thought.

kitchen jamFeatures:

  • Over dimensions are 5 x 14 x 8 inches
  • Stainless steel made sturdy and durable construction
  • Countertop mounting type with 2-level racks
  • Comes with a wrench and a hex key for easy-peasy assembly
  • Expendable rack size is between 41-37.6

kitchen jamPros:

  • Amazing matte finish with polished materials
  • Durable and hard construction for the capacity
  • Holds every kitchen utensils
  • Very easy access in all the parts
  • Great value for the money

kitchen jamCons:

  • You cannot adjust the cross brace
  • The cup holders are a bit too close than necessary

With its large capacity storage and adjustable settings, it is best for an RV. With a capacity of 132 lbs., it is suitable for all kitchen utensils.


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4.G-TING Expandable Dish Drying Rack


If you are searching for a very convenient and expandable over-the-sink dish rack in the market, we recommend this highly expendable over-the-sink dish rack of G-TING for you. This dish rack is versatile with its diverse functionality and adds extra space in your kitchen.

kitchen jam


  • Constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel
  • Offers a maximum storage capacity of 80 lbs
  • Scratch and rustproof aluminum alloy used
  • Features a unique anti-slip design
  • Comes with a wrench and a hex key for easy-peasy assembly

kitchen jamPros:

  • Saves space and fits perfectly over the sink
  • Conveniently expandable
  • Very easy to put together
  • Versatile and very easy to maintain
  • Overall great value for the money

kitchen jamCons:

  • Cannot take a lot of weight
  • It is troublesome to open or close the window over the sink

It is best as a space-saving yet superbly expendable over the sink dish drying rack. It weighs less, small in size, yet a genuine expandable over-the-sink dish rack.

 5.MERRYBOX Adjustable Stainless Steel Dish Drying Rack


This is one of the best over the sink dish drying racks in the market presently. In terms of versatility, storage capacity, and overall quality at such an affordable rate, there is no competitor to it. It offers eight handy hook, cup holders, and utensils holders making it one of the most versatile racks ever. MERRYBOX manufactures this dish rack at only $63.99 along with satisfactory customer service.

kitchen jam


  • Overall rack dimensions are 21.59 x 13.87 x 6.07 inches
  • It weighs around 9.93 pounds
  • Features 2-tier racks for maximum storage
  • 201 stainless steel construction and robust coating
  • It offers a storage capacity up to 120 lbs.
  • Features stable feet of anti-skidding rubber

kitchen jamPros:

  • Very easy to put together
  • Offers extra assembly parts
  • A great space saver
  • Adds to the counter space
  • Overall an affordable product

kitchen jamCons:

  • It is not that sturdy
  • There is no assembly instructions

This over the sink dish drying rack is best for its multi-functionality and expendable heights.  It holds all the utensils being easily expendable up to 32.3 inches.


6.Majalis Dish Drying Rack


It feels great to have a fully customizable over the sink drying rack at an affordable price, and considering this fact, we have added the Majalis 2-level over the sink drying rack to our recommendation list. The adjustable length design with its stable and sturdy constructions has made it one of the most popular dish racks in the market.

kitchen jam


  • Overall dimensions are 65 x 12.01 x 31.5 inches
  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • 2 tier or 2-level modern décor design
  • Features an expendable design in between 5″ – 33.5″
  • It is an on kitchen countertop mounting type dish rack

kitchen jamPros:

  • Superbly sturdy and durable construction
  • Expandable length
  • Anti-rust and scratch proof
  • Non-slippery materials used
  • Very easy to assemble and maintain
  • Totally customizable

kitchen jamCons:

  • Complaints about its being overpriced
  • It lacks extra spaces for pans & pots

It is best for its easy assembly and space-saving capacity. Following the instructions, anyone can assembly it easily and enjoy ample benefits in limited spaces.


7.32 Inch Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink


IHomeGarden has always been known for making sturdy kitchen appliances, and this over the sink rack of theirs is no different. It is very effectively space-saving yet offers a satisfying storage capacity with amazing versatility and superior construction. It’s a winner when it comes to sturdiness.

kitchen jam


  • Product dimensions are 34.4 x 13.7 x 5.9 inches
  • Stainless steel of premium 304 I used for the construction
  • Comes with 4 hooks and other cleaning equipment holders
  • 4 suctions cups for making it stable and anti-slippery
  • It weighs around 48 pounds

kitchen jamPros:

  • Space-saving kitchen device
  • Versatile and diverse functionality
  • Very stable and anti-slippery
  • Very compact and durable design
  • Holds the cleaning equipment as well

kitchen jamCons:

  • Complaints about burdensome assembly
  • It is not adjustable

It is best for its wideness and sturdiness in a compact design. It isn’t that tall and it doesn’t weigh much, but it saves space effectively, being wide at the same time. It’s a bit unique indeed.


8.Innoko Over The Sink Dish Drying Rack


Our recommended Innoko over the Sink Dish Drying Rack is the upgraded version of 2020 that comes with a few more extra features at an unbelievably affordable rate, $53.26, and FREE Shipping. This 2-bar structure system adds to the stability and versatility of this dish rack. Even though it is not noted for being a tall dish drying rack, it’s wide enough for regular kitchen utensils.

kitchen jam


  • Overall rack dimensions are 33.9 x 12 x 25 inches
  • It weighs around 58 pounds
  • The extended storage capacity of 60 lbs
  • Sturdy stainless steel based construction
  • Comes with a 2-racks structure system

kitchen jamPros:

  • Very easy-peasy assembly
  • It adds to the counter space
  • Diverse functionality
  • Very handy suction cups for superior comfort
  • Great value for the money

kitchen jamCons:

  • Unfortunately, it is not adjustable
  • Complaints about its thickness

It is best for its affordable price point and diverse functionality. All you need to is put it together and place the utensils at their specified places to maintain your organized kitchen.

9.Over Sink Adjustable Kitchen Shelves Dish Rack



When you need a space-saving, length adjustable, compact size, and amazingly constructed over the sink dish rack, this model of AKOZLIN automatically pops up in your list. All of its parts are easily adjustable as well as removable making it super easy to maintain and use for a long period.

kitchen jam


  • Overall product dimensions are 3 x 12.9 x 7.1 inches
  • Stainless steel based heavy-duty construction
  • Sink size is between 5-39.4 inches, while faucet size is less than 17 inches
  • It has an amazing capacity of 120 lbs.
  • Resistant against rust and high temperature
  • Packed with all the necessary equipment

kitchen jamPros:

  • Space-saving and easily adjustable parts
  • Multi-functional and robust tool
  • Very smooth and safe functioning
  • Overall unique and attractive design
  • Durable with compact size

kitchen jamCons:

  • Complaints about missing screws
  • Some find it hard to assemble the first time

It is best for its heavy-duty stainless steel construction and adjustable heights. If you need an adjustable disk rack, it could be your ultimate alternative to a small sink dish rack or an inside sink dish rack.

10.Large Stainless Steel Dish Drainer


If you need an affordable, yet space saving and compact over the sink dish drying rack, there is literally no other better option than this attractively designed dish drainer manufactured by Mychen. Although it is a bit heavy compared to its overall storage capacity, it is versatile in all ways. It keeps the utensils distinctly in different sections making your kitchen a tidy and neat one.


  • Over device dimensions are 78 x 14.8 x 5.91 inches
  • Features heavy-duty stainless steel construction
  • Comes with 2-level racks for versatility
  • It weighs around 13.07 offering a storage capacity of 67 lbs.
  • Offers five handy utility hooks

kitchen jamPros:

  • Fits in limited spaces
  • Very easy to assemble and maintain
  • Spaces for kitchen supplies
  • Handy utility hooks
  • Makes the most of the money

kitchen jamCons:

  • Unfortunately, it is not adjustable
  • Complaints about its thickness

It is best for its price. It is compact, sturdy, and well built, but it costs around $59 only. Therefore, it is a complete package if you need an affordable dish rack.

kitchen jamPeople Also Like to Know  (FAQ)

Why choose it the best over the sink dish racks?

To maintain a well-organized, tidy and modern kitchen with a convenient drying system, you need the best over sink drying rack so that it doesn’t lack in quality and serves the purpose well.

What is the best dish rack to buy?

Amongst the many dish racks including the over the sink dish drying racks in the market, the best over the sink dish racks are different in terms of quality, accessories, etc. Follow our buying guide.

What can I use instead of a dish rack?

You can try multiple alternatives instead of a dish rack:

  1. The sanitizing cycle on dishwashers
  2. Drying in the dishwasher
  3. Paper towels
  4. Dish drying towels
  5. Dish drying mats, and
  6. The finish method

Are bamboo dish racks good?

Yes, the bamboo dish racks, whether a sink dish racks or above sink drying rack, are indeed good. They offer high quality, attractive designs, and, most importantly, they are eco-friendly.

Does stainless steel dish rack rust & How to Prevent Dish Rack from Rusting?

No, usually the top-quality stainless steel dish racks don’t rust. However, they are ways to prevent dish rack from rusting. You can buy high-end stainless steel dish racks or other eco-friendly ones.        You should also clean and dry them regularly, and protect the outer coating.

What is the best way to dry dishes?

Applying all of the ways, we find the air-drying method the best for drying dishes in a fast, practical, and hygienic way. You can over sink dish drying rack and towel method as well.

How long do you soak very dirty dishes?

For very dirty dishes or stuck-on foods, you should soak them in hot water, adding detergent or baking soda, at least for 20-30 minutes. Otherwise, we recommend soaking them for 3-4 hours.

Can I keep my dish drying rack in the dishwasher?

Yes, you can put your dish drying rack in the dishwasher based on its quality. While the plastic and metal-coated ones are safe, the eco-friendly ones may turn out to be very unsafe.

How I care for a bamboo dish rack?

You can use some mineral oil along with soapy water to care for your bamboo dish rack. Mix these two elements together, scrub your rack well and rinse off.

How do you keep a bamboo dish rack from molding?

To keep your bamboo dish rack from molding, you must prevent moisture issues and ensure proper airflow along with cleaning the rack using mineral oil and damp cloth regularly.

How do you keep dish racks from rusting?

To keep dish racks from rusting, you must be careful about:

·         Vinyl coating dish racks are safe.

  • You should clean and dry them regularly.
  • Go for baking soda treatment or rust rescue chemical. Vinegar is helpful too.

·         Protect the outer coating.

Are dish racks sanitary?

Yes, dish racks are usually sanitary. Besides, it is also proved that dish rack is a more sanitary way than the air-drying method.

Do dish-drying mats get moldy?

Although the microfiber dish drying mats are a bit safer and absorb moisture quite well, yet they get moldy from time to time if you lack proper care.

What is the best dish-drying mat?

There are lots of top-quality dish-drying mats. Nevertheless, to get the best, consider your needs, such as mat materials, mat size, other faculties, and overall quality.

kitchen jamBest Over the Sink Dish Rack: A Pro Buying Guide

Rack Options: It is the most important thing to consider while buying the best over the sink dish rack for your kitchen. Alike the best in sink dish racks, over the sink dish racks also come with different rack options. The rack options determine how much you can store in your drying rack and how much space it may take over your kitchen sink.

When you have many dishes and you lack storage space or kitchen cabinets, the compact size 1-level dish racks won’t help you much. So you will need a 2-level, and adjustable over the sink dish drainer right away over the sink dish drainer to maintain your kitchen well.

Besides, the 2-level racks are space-saving as well. But before buying a 2-level rack, make sure your kitchen top is tall enough to fit this drying rack.

Other than that, for a small family and rich kitchen cabinets, which hold all your kitchen utensils easily, you don’t want to spend extra money on buying big size, or 2-level racks. In this case, small size and quality dish drainer that fits in the sink perfectly will do the job.


Space-Saving Design: We all buy an over the sink dish drying rack to save space. Yet some of the models available in the market are too heavy and consume a lot of space. So choose very wisely considering your needs and the number of dishes available in your kitchen.

For a huge amount of bowels or plates, we recommend you go for the stainless steel over sink plate racks or the two-level plate racks, which will hold all of your dishes without consuming lots of space.

Moreover, a 2-level drying will also help you wash and dry continuously at all the time; you will also be able to store your utensils on the rack as well.

However, for usual use alongside the rich kitchen cabinets, a roll-up option is perfect, as it is of compact size, fits perfectly over the sink, and eventually saves lots of space for other day-to-day kitchen tasks.


Built Material: Over the sink dish drainers or racks are available in different materials, e.g., plastic, wood, bamboo, aluminum, and steel. Usually, being costly, the steel-made ones are most durable and the stainless steel ones are rust-proof as well.

So if you are in search of a permanent storage solution, we recommend you go for these heavy-duty steel-made drying racks.

When your priority is an attractive dish drying rack over the sink, which doesn’t also lack in quality and overall performance, you have the wooden racks. However, they don’t lack in overall quality providing that you offer the needed care regularly.

The bamboo-made ones are eco-friendly. If you want to preserve a nature-friendly kitchen environment, they are your best picks. On the other hand, you might consider the plastic options for a less costly kitchen solution, but they aren’t that durable and multifunctional.

At last, for lighter yet rust-proof options, you have aluminum made over sink dish drainers.


Storage Capability: As mentioned earlier, it depends on your kitchen cabinets and shelves. When you don’t have enough space on your shelves or in the kitchen cabinets, but you have a huge amount of utensils, it is unwise to choose one with little storage capability.

Here, a 2-level dish rack can really help to deal with a huge amount of dishes in small spaces, as well a storing them on the rack.

Nevertheless, when you have enough cabinet space, a compact size over sink kitchen rack will do. Alike the small dish racks for sinks, you may find some small size over sink dish drying racks, which will be your perfect match and, of course, less costly than the others.


Versatility: The best over the sink dish rack is always something more than a dish drying rack. Nowadays, many models out there are multi-functional and serve a few purposes alongside drying and storing all your kitchen utensils.

That’s why to make the most of your money, you should prefer the versatile ones that allow keeping and drying wet veggies and fruits, even various kinds of other household groceries as well. Besides, a functional and versatile one will also let you store your other kitchen tools and cleaning tools at a time.

When you opt for buying one, to add to the versatility, you must make sure that the drying rack is worthy to store all your kitchen utensils; you must not keep anything out of the versatility option.

Faucet Height: Faucet height is very important when it comes to a perfectly matched over the sink dish rack. It must be in proportionate to the length of the sink and the height of the countertop.

A low faucet dish rack is always the safest, but for a high faucet, it is your liability to ensure that the height of the first shelf is more than the height of the faucet. So every over the sink shelf for a tall faucet must be dealt with carefully.

Adjustable Baskets: Sometimes an over the sink drying rack with adjustable baskets can save you a lot of money and other resources. Over time, you may need to change your sink or even the house, and this is when an adjustable over the sink dish drainer can easily help you adjust it in different sizes of sinks saving you from the troublesome process of buying a new one and struggling to adjust it there.

Therefore, if you are looking for a permanent storage solution, you must consider whether you  over sink dish drying rack has adjustable baskets or not.

Instructional Manual: The instruction manual is a very essential part of every during rack, especially for those that require installation before you can use it. We have found lots of intricate models that aren’t assembled, so if you get one of those, there is nothing to substitute for a well-written instruction manual.

The instructions therein will make you able to assemble and eventually install the models properly, thus making sure you don’t do anything wrong to compromise the function and durability of the drying rack. So make sure you get the instruction manual or you must arrange other means of instructions to do the installation accordingly.

kitchen jamTypes of dish racks:

In the market, usually you will various categories of dish racks. However, these dish racks can be divided broadly into five major categories:

  1. Foldable dish rack: The name of this type of dish rack is self-explanatory. You can just fold this type of rack and store away saving your valuable up spaces alongside the sink, or countertop, even the spaces over the sink. Foldable racks are available in a variety of options, such as metal, wood or plastic.
  2. Over the sink dish rack: Over the sink dish rack or dish rack over sink is a kitchen tool that uses the space over the open sink without occupying the up spaces alongside the sink, or countertop. Thus, it allows convenient drying and systematic organization of your dishes, spoons, glasses, knives, cups, and all other kitchen equipment including the ones that aren’t dishwasher safe.
  3. In-sink dish rack: Unlike the over the sink dish racks, the sink dish rack or inside sink dish rack fits inside the sink and keeps the runoff water and water drops inside the sink. Thus, it saves lots of space; your kitchen counter remains absolutely dry and useable for various purposes.

This type of dish rack requires regular cleaning, which may feel burdensome to some.

4.     Two-level dish drying rack: Being self-explanatory, this kind of dish drying rack comes with a two-level                 design. Therefore, you can save more space and store more dishes at a time; when you have lots of dishes, it can           be your priority for continuous cleaning, drying, and storing.

You can find various categories of a two-level dish drying rack, e.g., hard plastic, wood, metal and chrome.

  1. Baby dish rack: As you can understand simply, this kind of racks are for baby things and usual small kitchen tools, e.g., bottles, containers, pacifier, etc. There are various categories of baby dish racks and all of them are BPA-free. These tall dish racks are also bendy and feature plastic blades to ensure safe and air-drying of the baby things.


Advantages of a countertop dish drying rack:

  1. Dish safety: Dish safety is something that alone suffices to buy a countertop dish drying rack right away. They are available in different materials for the safest storage of your valuable dishes.

Besides, these fancy dish drying racks have different and specific areas for keeping plates, knives, glasses, mugs, and other cutlery items safely and without any hassle. Consequently, these different sections also ensure utmost safety for breakable kitchen items, such as your fancy glasses or wine glasses.

  1. Helps ease pressure on shelves: You can easily use these racks for both drying your wet dishes as well as storing them when your kitchen selves don’t have enough spaces to hold all your dishes.

These racks are made of heavy-duty material and very durable. There are many over sink plate racks that can hold more than 15 plates, and lots of huge capacity expandable over-the-sink dish racks, go for any of them.

  1. Drains water off your dishes: When you wash your dishes, they must be dried, and this is where a countertop dish drying rack comes in handy preventing the runoff water and water drops from scattering and lying on the kitchen counter and creating a mess. Thus, the kitchen counter remains neat and dry.
  1. Multi-functional utensils in the kitchen island: Another biggest advantage is their being multifunctional and worthy for various kinds of utensils. Alongside all your utensils, you can also dry the wet veggies and fruits, even various kinds of other groceries as well on some countertop dish drying racks.


As a multi-functional kitchen device, it eventually helps you keep all the utensils in proper places and not randomly on the kitchen island resulting in a well-organized kitchen.



At the end of an all-inclusive discussion about the best over the sink dish racks, it takes no more words to explain the importance, advantages, and overall utility to own a top-quality over the sink dish rack for your kitchen. You can utilize the small spaces in your kitchen and use them harmoniously to dry and store dishes instated of a dishwasher.

Be careful about the choosing process and remember our pro buying guide!

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