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March CanJam: Red Onion & Rhubarb Jam

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Red onions

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Do you ever think about tastes in your head, combine foods in your imagination, just know that different foods will mix perfectly into a wonderful unique taste?

That’s what happened to me when I was researching recipes for this month’s CanJam, part of the Tigress’s year-round canning challenge. March’s Iron Jam ingredient is alliums – and while even the ramps and green onions and chives aren’t quite in season here in central New York, the onions and garlic from last fall have wintered over nicely. This morning’s farmer’s market was filled with tables full of onions and garlic mixed in among the root vegetables. Read the rest of this entry »

Patient Jam: Working on a recipe

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March’s CanJam ingredient – alliums – is a serious challenge. Although I’ve got a pretty good recipe for Red Onion Marmalade, I wanted to try something a bit different.

It’s not local (unless it can grow under snow?) but beautiful ruby-colored stalks of rhubarb have been showing up in the produce section for a couple weeks. So I’ve got a cup of rhubarb ‘coins’ (finely diced rhubarb) macerating in two tablespoons of organic brown sugar for the first microbatch of March jam. I’m counting on the rhubarb to bring its high-acid to a party of red onions slowly cooked in blood orange juice and spices. I’m going for a brilliant red onion-rhubarb jam with a hit or orange.

Stay tuned.

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